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Districts of Seycehelles
Greater Victoria Central Mahe
Bel Air, Seychelles
Les Mamelles
Mont Buxton
La Rivière Anglaise
Mont Fleuri
Plaisance, Seychelles
Saint Louis, Seychelles
Roche Caiman
Rural Mahe
North Mahe
Beau Vallon, Seychelles
Glacis, Seychelles
Anse Etoile
East Mahe
Au Cap
Cascade, Seychelles
Pointe La Rue
South Mahe
Anse Royale
Baie Lazare
Takamaka, Seychelles
West Mahe
Anse Boileau
Port Glaud
Bel Ombre, Seychelles
Grand'Anse Mahé
Inner Islands
Baie Sainte Anne
Grand'Anse Praslin
La Digue
La Digue and Inner Islands
Greater Victoria Central Mahe
Outer Islands (Seychelles)
African Banks
Aldabra Group
Alphonse Atoll
Anonyme Island
Aride Island
Assumption Island
Astove Island
Bird Island, Seychelles
Boudeuse Island
Cerf Island
Coëtivy Island
Cousin Island
Cousine Island
Curieuse Island
D'Arros Island
Denis Island
Desnoeufs Island
Desroches Island
Etoile Island (Seychelles)
Farquhar Group
Felicite Island
Frégate Island
Granitic Seychelles
Marie Louise Island
Moyenne Island
North Island, Seychelles
Île Platte
Silhouette Island
Southern Coral Group
Ste. Anne Island
Vache Island, Seychelles
Wizard Reef