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The Guess Who
The Complete Guide
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The Guess Who[edit]

The Complete Guide[edit]

The Guess Who
Current members
Jim Kale
Laurie MacKenzie
Garry Peterson
Derek Sharp
Leonard Shaw
Past members
Chad Allan
Randy Bachman
Burton Cummings
Carl Dixon
Greg Leskiw
Donnie McDougall
Domenic Troiano
Bill Wallace
Kurt Winter
The Guess Who discography
Studio albums
Shakin' All Over
Hey Ho (What You Do to Me!)
It's Time
Wheatfield Soul
Canned Wheat
American Woman
Share the Land
So Long, Bannatyne
Artificial Paradise
Road Food
Power in the Music
Live albums
Live at the Paramount
Compilation albums
Wild One
"Shakin' All Over"
"Tossin' and Turnin'"
"Hurting Each Other"
"These Eyes"
"No Time"
"American Woman"
"No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature"
"Heartbroken Bopper"
"Guns, Guns, Guns"
"Runnin' Back to Saskatoon"
"Star Baby"
"Clap for the Wolfman"
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