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Thomas Edison
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Thomas Edison[edit]

Thomas Edison
Edisonian approach
War of Currents
Patents and inventions
List of Edison patents
Carbon microphone
Incandescent light bulb
Phonograph cylinder
Ticker tape
Vertical cut recording
Edison pioneers
Edison pioneers
Edward Goodrich Acheson
William Symes Andrews
John I. Beggs
William Joseph Hammer
Samuel Insull
Francis Jehl
Lewis Howard Latimer
Elmer Ambrose Sperry
Francis Robbins Upton
Other related people
Anna Case
Charles Batchelor
Clarence Madison Dally
William Kennedy Dickson
Charles Edison
Reginald Fessenden
Henry Ford
George Edward Gouraud
William Heise
Miller Reese Hutchison
Edward Hibberd Johnson
Arthur E. Kennelly
John Kruesi
Thomas Commerford Martin
Edwin Stanton Porter
Elizabeth Spencer
Frank J. Sprague
Nikola Tesla
Walter Van Brunt
Related societies and companies
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
Black Maria
Consolidated Edison
Edison Gower-Bell Telephone Company of Europe
Edison Illuminating Company
Edison Records
Edison Storage Battery Company
General Electric
Motion Picture Patents Company
Oriental Telephone Company
Volta Laboratory and Bureau
Museums and historic places
Edison Museum
Thomas Alva Edison Birthplace
Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower and Museum
Thomas Edison Depot Museum
Thomas Edison National Historical Park
Blacksmith Scene
Bucking Broncho
Chinese Opium Den
Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph
"Dew-Dew-Dewey Day"
Fred Ott's Sneeze
The Great Train Robbery
The Kiss
President McKinley Inauguration Footage
In popular culture
Thomas Edison in popular culture
And Having Writ...
"Brian Sings and Swings"
Edison's Conquest of Mars
Edison, the Man
The Five Fists of Science
The Future Eve
Tales From the Bully Pulpit
Young Tom Edison
"The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace"
Edison, New Jersey
Edison effect
Fort Myers, Florida
IEEE Edison Medal
Thomas Edison State College
USS Edison (DD-439)
USS California (SP-249)
West Orange, New Jersey