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Time travel
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Time travel[edit]

General terms and concepts
Time travel
Chronology protection conjecture
Closed timelike curve
Novikov self-consistency principle
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Quantum mechanics of time travel
Time travel in fiction
Time travel in fiction
List of timelines in fiction
List of time travel science fiction
List of games containing time travel
Temporal paradoxes
Temporal paradox
Grandfather paradox
Bootstrap paradox
Predestination paradox
Parallel timelines
Alternate history
Many-worlds interpretation
Parallel universe (fiction)
Philosophy of space and time
Philosophy of space and time
Butterfly effect
Eternalism (philosophy of time)
Free will
Spacetimes in general relativity that can contain closed timelike curves
Alcubierre drive
BTZ black hole
Gödel metric
Kerr metric
Krasnikov tube
Misner space
Tipler cylinder
Van Stockum dust
Time travel urban legends
Time travel urban legends
Moberly–Jourdain incident
Philadelphia Experiment
Montauk Project
Billy Meier
Rudolph Fentz
John Titor