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Astronomical transit
Black drop effect
Transit of minor planets
Transits from Venus
Transit of Mercury from Venus
Transits from Earth
Transit of Mercury
Transit of Venus
Transits from Mars
Solar eclipses on Mars
Transit of Mercury from Mars
Transit of Venus from Mars
Transit of Earth from Mars
Transit of Phobos from Mars
Transit of Deimos from Mars
Transits from Jupiter
Solar eclipses on Jupiter
Transit of Mercury from Jupiter
Transit of Venus from Jupiter
Transit of Earth from Jupiter
Transit of Mars from Jupiter
Transits from Saturn
Solar eclipses on Saturn
Transit of Mercury from Saturn
Transit of Venus from Saturn
Transit of Earth from Saturn
Transit of Mars from Saturn
Transit of Jupiter from outer planets
Transits from Uranus
Solar eclipses on Uranus
Transit of Mercury from Uranus
Transit of Venus from Uranus
Transit of Earth from Uranus
Transit of Mars from Uranus
Transit of Saturn from outer planets
Transits from Neptune
Solar eclipses on Neptune
Transit of Mercury from Neptune
Transit of Venus from Neptune
Transit of Earth from Neptune
Transit of Mars from Neptune
Transit of Uranus from Neptune
Eclipses from Pluto
Solar eclipses on Pluto
Transits of Venus - Historical Observations
Transit of Venus, 1639
Transit of Venus, 1769 - Expedition to Tahiti
Transit of Venus, 1874
Transit of Venus, 1874 - Expedition to Campbell Island
Transit of Venus, 1874 - Expedition to Hawaii
Transit of Venus, 2004
Transit of Venus, 2012