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Industry Travel
Founded 2000
Headquarters Panama City Beach, Florida
Key people
Bud Finlaw (CEO)
Products Destination Experience
Website is a privately held online travel agency headquartered in Panama City Beach, Florida.[1]


The company was founded in 2000 by current President and CEO Arthur "Bud" Finlaw. As he has often mentioned, the company started with a recommendation from his wife, Melody, a family portrait photographer also based in Panama City Beach. The business began in the family garage with the help of son, Jamin Finlaw. The first additional employees were hired, including the current Vice President of Marketing, Jesse Henson.

The company originally launched as, and in addition to its primary website, operates several affiliate travel websites including[2]

Overview[edit] enables users to plan and book travel products including hotel, cruise, airline, activities, car, and vacation packages. It operates in more than 100 destinations worldwide and maintains offices throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.[3] became one of the first privately held corporations online to begin competing on a national and international scale in the travel industry. has evolved its travel technology to include its services throughout the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific[1]

Consolidation layoff[edit]

In August 2012 laid off 80 employees, in what was called by CEO Bud Finlaw a consolidation of resource, "So, [Thursday] was a day where we were able to consolidate two departments into one. A call center and a service center into a contact center. [We're] very excited about this." People were let go from all positions including marketing, development and help-desk, including the newly hired director of help-desk. Mr. Finlaw also said in the same interview, "The company, which has created more than 500 jobs locally, has completed its staffing consolidation and expects to begin hiring again late this year." "And, um, we certainly...they're eligible to rehire," said Finlaw, speaking about the 80 persons laid off. Although the severance contract offered (less than 2 weeks pay), stated that employees will not be eligible for rehire, and should consider the lay off permanent. This severance also required the employees to agree to a noncompete agreement stating they would not pursue work in their same field.[4]


In April 2008, adapted FROM Technology (Fast-Relevant-Origin-Method), a patent-pending pricing methodology with a search feature that generates deals instantly, displays relevant prices and automatically uses the closest airport to the user’s current I.P. address to find deals. FROM ranks travel deals based on factors that include user rating, popularity of the destinations from each users’ point of origin, internal marketing ratings, rankings of the property manager and the number of mouse “clicks” on the destination’s websites.

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