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Subsidiary of AOL
Founded United States
Headquarters United States

BookLink is a United States based web browser company founded by David Wetherell in February 1994 as a subsidiary of CMG Information Services. In September 1994, Microsoft, wanting BookLink's browser technology for Windows 95 and the Microsoft Network, offered Wetherell a one-time, flat fee of US$2 million for the source code. Wetherell thought that the figure was too low. BookLink's browser was acquired by AOL in November 1994 for 710,000 shares of AOL's common stock, valued at the time at US$30 million. BookLink invested $1.5 million to develop its browser. Microsoft licensed BookLink's Internet technology to be used with Microsoft Word. Components of the Intralinks browser were used in the Internet Assistant for Word, which generated HTML, freeing Word users from having to use HTML to create Internet documents. The Intralinks browsing components used by the Internet Assistant enabled Word to load HTML document directly from the web, which actually made Word a web browser of sorts. [1][2]

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