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Book of Cool is documentary television series created and owned by London, United Kingdom based producers Ocelot Productions. The main purpose is to publicly provide certain captured film footage of the world’s "coolest" exponents of sports and skills in action, as well as divulging "secrets" of some of the moves.[1] The Today Show on 6 December 2005 listed the Book of Cool as one of the "Top 10 gifts of 2005."[citation needed]


  • While still in pre-launch stage, on 30 August 2005 the Book of Cool won a DVD Entertainment Award at the Entertainment Media Expo in Los Angeles for Best Television Special Interest (for news, sports, reality TV)[citation needed]
  • At the May 2006 Webby Awards, it won all three People's Voice categories: Retail, Best navigation/structure and Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics[2]


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