Book of Dragons

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Book of Dragons
Book of Dragons cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed bySteve Hickner
Produced byLisa J. Freberg
Ian Richter
Bonnie Arnold (executive)
Written byBart Coughlin
Steve Hickner
Joshua Pruett
StarringJay Baruchel
Craig Ferguson
America Ferrera
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Jim Cummings
Tress MacNeille
Music byDavid Buckley
Edited byChristopher Knights
DreamWorks Animation
Renegade Animation (traditional animation sequences)
Distributed byParamount Home Entertainment
Release date
November 15, 2011
Running time
18 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States

Book of Dragons is a computer-animated/2D-animated short film based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Steve Hickner. The short was released on November 15, 2011, on DVD and Blu-ray, along with Gift of the Night Fury, another short film based on the Dragons.[2]


Happening after the events in How to Train Your Dragon, the short shows Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Toothless and Gobber telling the legend behind the Book of Dragons with the misadventures of its author, Bork the Bold. In addition to Bork's discoveries, the young Vikings reveal their own training methods they developed with new, never before seen dragons. The short shows a total of 14 dragons, each spread into 7 classes: Stoker (Terrible Terror, Monstrous Nightmare), Boulder (Gronckle, Whispering Death), Fear (Hideous Zippleback, Snaptrapper), Sharp (Deadly Nadder, Timberjack), Tidal (Scauldron, Thunderdrum), Mystery (Changewing, Boneknapper) and Strike (Skrill, Night Fury). But there are new dragons that are not in the book that are shown in the cartoon series.[2]

Voice cast[edit]


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