Sefer haYashar

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Sefer haYashar (Hebrew ספר הישר) means "Book of the Upright One"), but Jashar is generally left untranslated into English and so Sefer haYashar is often rendered as Book of Jasher.

Biblical references[edit]

Rabbinical treatises[edit]

  • Sefer haYashar, a collection of sayings of the sages from the Amoraim period in Rabbi Zerahiah's Sefer Hayasher
  • Sefer haYashar, a commentary on the Pentateuch by the 12th-century Abraham ibn Ezra
  • Sefer haYashar, by the Kabbalist and philosopher Abraham Abulafia
  • Sefer haYashar, Rabbeinu Tam's 12th-century treatise on Jewish ritual and ethics
  • Sefer haYashar of Zerahiah the Greek, a moral treatise of the 13th century
  • Sefer haYashar, a 14th-century work by Jonah ben Abraham of Gerona
  • Sefer haYashar (midrash), a 16th-century book of Jewish legends covering the period from the creation of man to the first wave of the conquest of Canaan



  • Book of Jashar by Benjamin Rosenbaum, a fictional translation of the supposed Book of Jasher mentioned in 2 Samuel.