Sefer haYashar

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Sefer haYashar (Hebrew ספר הישר "Book of the Upright One"). In English, Jashar was traditionally left untranslated and rendered Book of Jasher.

Biblical references[edit]

Rabbinical treatises[edit]

  • Sefer haYashar (Amoraim), a collection of sayings of the sages from the Amoraim period in Rabbi Zerahiah's Sefer Hayasher
  • Sefer haYashar (Ibn Ezra), a commentary on the Pentateuch by the 12th-century Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra
  • Sefer haYashar, by the Kabbalist and philosopher Rabbi Abraham Abulafia
  • Sefer haYashar, Jacob ben Meir's 12th-century treatise on Jewish ritual and ethics
  • Sefer haYashar of Zerahiah ha-Yevani, a moral treatise of the 13th century published as Ha-Yewani Zerahiah, Sefer Hayashar, The Book of the Righteous
  • Sefer haYashar of Jonah ben Abraham, a 14th-century work by Rabbi Jonah ben Abraham of Gerona
  • Sefer haYashar (midrash), a 16th-century book of Jewish legends covering the period from the creation of man to the first wave of the conquest of Canaan



  • Book of Jashar by Benjamin Rosenbaum, a fictional translation of the supposed Book of Jasher mentioned in 2 Samuel.