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Goals and auditory of this book

  • The book should be readable from beginning to the end. I.e. if data structure 'A' is improvement of data structure 'B', then article on 'A' should be after article on 'B'.
  • Intended for more or less experienced programmers. Knowledge of some high-level programming language (e.g. C/C++, Java etc.) is assumed. Also the reader is expected to know basics of computation complexity theory (like 'O(n)' notation).
  • Appendix contains some less known parts of complexity theory (Locality of reference and Amortized analysis), which are very important for understanding the stuff in this book. Also article on Standard Template Library is given in Appendix, since it referred to in several articles.
  • Articles from Category:Data types are deemed to be out-of-scope for this book. We concentrate rather on 'data structures', i.e. on collections of basic data types.


Fix layout[edit]

  • Bug in PDF creation software: "->" is missing if label is given to the link. For example, see 'Abstract data type' article.
  • Linked list, kd-tree - problem with layout in generated PDF.
  • Some Java code causes troubles due to Javadoc template (e.g. in Stack (data structure) article. See Template talk:Javadoc:SE for more details (and how to fix this). This problem exist only in PDFs, not in books layout by PediaPress software.
  • AA tree: second image is very big in PDF.

Improve content[edit]