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A Good Idea[edit]

The idea of writing and presenting all the Wikipedia data on economics in a book is a good one. However such a project must be approached with care. It will mean that when the material is separated and collected together, a lot of logical arranging will be necessary so that the book is more than a mere collection of various enclyclopedican items (incidentally many of which are still needing improvement). These improvments are both in themselves and in relationship to the rest of the items. In other words, the creation of the book is useful to all the various items as well as the reverse (of course).

This is a large project due to the amount of material. For that reason the approach I favor is initially to forget about the various existing items and to prepare a list of various aspects of the subject in logical order and with developing significance (easiest first), so that the subject is developed as the subjects unfold. Then the various items hopefully can be fitted into this framework with possible additions and merging as needed.

The trouble with economics is that there are as many opinions as economists (and a few!). This means that some of the available material contradicts and in a book this would be unacceptable, even when an alternative view is expressed in Wikipedia. Terminology is another problem for which Wikipedia is still struggling. It would be excellent if this aspect of the improvements to articles be tackled soon and not decided later during the book preparations. I am writing these lines as a person who has attempted outside of Wikipedia to write a book on Macroeconomics, taking a fresh approach. Believe me it is very difficult to choose the right words for each subject, and then to bring life to what is otherwise boring as dust!