Booker's Tower

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Coordinates: 51°13′48″N 0°34′52″W / 51.230°N 0.581°W / 51.230; -0.581

Bookers Tower is a four-storey octagonal tower built in the 19th century, in the Gothic style. It is in Guildford, Surrey, and can be found along Beech Lane, behind the Mount Cemetery (resting place of Lewis Carroll).

Booker's Tower

Built on high ground to the west of Guildford town centre, Bookers Tower was used by a Victorian scientist, John Rand Capron, in experiments involving lightning. It was commissioned by the then mayor of Guildford, Charles Booker, in memory of his sons who had died, and was completed in 1839. After its completion it was used to commemorate Queen Victoria's marriage to Albert, in 1840.

The tower is not open to the public, Mount Cemetery providing its council-protected setting.