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Booker Gliding Club was formed in 1978 following the amalgamation of Thames Valley Gliding Club and Airways Flying Club.[1] It is based at Wycombe Air Park. Trading as Booker Gliding Centre, it is a community amateur sports club and a member of the British Gliding Association.

The club flies on all suitable days of the year and launches from Wycombe Air Park using grass areas adjacent to the active runways. The club performs all launches by aerotow. Gliders and motor gliders using the airfield operate in the dead side of the powered circuit and must obey strict rules to avoid conflict with powered aircraft and helicopters.

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The club operates training for pilots of all abilities, running training courses and temporary memberships for those new to gliding. It also sells trial lessons for those wishing to try gliding without committing to a full course. Club members organise frequent expeditions to other gliding sites in the UK and abroad, and the club frequently hosts local and national competitions.


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