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Many of the main characters as they appear in the anime. The second row from left to right: Kazuha Toyama, Harley Hartwell, Serena Sebastian, Rachel Moore, Richard Moore, Eva Kadan, and Hershel Agasa. First row from left to right: George Kojima, Mitch Tsuburaya, Conan Edogawa, Anita Hailey, and Amy Yoshida.
The characters as they appear in the second episode of the live drama series.

The manga series Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン?, lit. Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, features a large list of recurring fictional characters originally created by Gosho Aoyama. The series takes place in modern-day Japan and follows amateur detective Jimmy Kudo who solves cases in an episodic fashion while in his childhood body and under the alias Conan Edogawa. He is joined by childhood friend Rachel Moore, and her father Richard Moore who runs a Detective agency. Throughout the series, Conan interacts and befriends many characters from various groups: the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the local police in Conan's prefecture; The Junior Detective League, a group of children who solves mysteries for their clients; The FBI. He also befriends a few individuals who know of his true identity: Dr. Agasa, who provides Jimmy with various spy gadgets; Harley Hartwell, a high school detective from Osaka; and Anita Hailey, who has also transformed into a child.

The manga became licensed by Viz Media while the anime adaptation was licensed by Funimation Entertainment. The two companies have Americanized many of the character names with both companies using different names or spellings for the same characters on several occasions. Other English editions such as the ones published in Singapore by Shogakukan Asia romanize the Japanese names.[1]

The list follows the names as presented by the Viz Media manga.


Jimmy Kudo[edit]

Main article: Jimmy Kudo

Jimmy Kudo, known as Shinichi Kudo (工藤 新一 Kudō Shin'ichi?) in Japan, is a high school detective who solves difficult cases for the police.[ch. 1] During one of his investigations, he is attacked and forced to take an experimental poison by a member of the Black Organization. However, due to a rare side-effect, he shrinks to the form of a young child.[ch. 1] In order to keep his true identity a secret, he now goes under the alias Conan Edogawa (江戸川 コナン Edogawa Konan?) and pretends to be a real child to throw off suspicion while he secretly solves many cases and looks for clues about the organization.[ch. 2] He loves his childhood friend, Rachel Moore but cannot confess his feelings or reveal his true identity in order to protect her.[vol. 1] His two Japanese voice actors are Kappei Yamaguchi for Jimmy and Minami Takayama for Conan.[2][3] He is voiced by Jerry Jewell for Jimmy and Alison (Retzloff) Viktorin for Conan in the English localization.[4] In the first and second live drama he was portrayed by Shun Oguri in teenage form and Nao Fujisaki in child form.[5][6] In the dramas following the two, he is portrayed by Junpei Mizobata.[7]

Rachel Moore[edit]

Rachel Moore, known as Ran Mori (毛利 蘭 Mōri Ran?) in Japan, is Jimmy Kudo's friend since elementary school. She loves Jimmy but is afraid to admit her feelings, and denies their relationship whenever the conversation is brought up. She often worries for his safety and always waits for his return. As captain of the karate team and a regional champion, she is able to fend for herself physically against attackers, but is still squeamish when it comes to films and shows in the horror genre.[ch. 1] Since her father is a Judo champion, she is also skilled in Judo. She is very kind and helps anyone in need, even if that person is a potential criminal. In one instance, her kindness to Vermouth prompts the latter to keep Jimmy's identity a secret from the Black Organization. Like Shinichi, she dislikes the idea of killing anyone, including criminals, as she believes criminals should face punishment through the justice system. The Junior Detective League views her as a role model and often turn to her for advice. She is skilled in house chores, including sewing and cooking, and has very good fortune in games of chance, hardly ever losing in games such as mahjong. She spends most of her home life looking after Conan and her father, and hopes that her father and mother can reconcile their separation. Throughout the series, there are times she has suspected Conan Edogawa to be Jimmy, but Jimmy fools her so that she second guesses herself.[vol. 3][ch. 258] Her Japanese voice actress is Wakana Yamazaki and her English voice actress is Colleen Clinkenbeard.[3][4] In the 2006 and 2007 live-action drama, she was portrayed by Tomoka Kurokawa.[5] Shiori Kutsuna portrays the character in the 2011 drama series.[8] Her name, Ran Mori, originates from Maurice Leblanc (Mo-ri-su Ru-bu-ran), the creator of Arsene Lupin.[vol. 4:author's notes]

Richard Moore [edit]

Richard Moore, known as Kogoro Mori (毛利 小五郎 Mōri Kogorō?) in Japan, is Rachel's father and a private detective. Due to Conan often knocking him unconscious and impersonating his voice to solve cases, Richard has become well known as a skilled detective. Because he appears to be tired or sleeping when solving a case, he is often referred to as "Sleeping Moore" (眠りの小五郎 Nemuri no Kogorō?, lit. "Sleeping Kogoro").[ch. 119] Before becoming a private detective, he worked as a police officer under Inspector Meguire.[ch. 7] He is married to Eva Kaden, a successful lawyer and childhood friend, but they have been separated for over 10 years due their constant arguing.[ch. 107] He reveals that on many occasions he still loves her and has attempted to reconcile their relationship.[ch. 266] Despite his irresponsible ways, he cares deeply for his daughter and at times displays his sense of honor and strict ethics. He is skilled in Judo.[ch. 86] His Japanese voice actor was Akira Kamiya but was replaced with Rikiya Koyama in 2009.[9][10] His English voice actor is R Bruce Elliott.[4] He was portrayed by Takanori Jinnai in the live drama.[5] His name, Kogoro Mori, originates from Kogoro Akechi, the detective in Edogawa Rampo's stories.[vol. 2:author's notes]


Black Organization[edit]

Jimmy Kudo with the currently known members of the Black Organization.

The primary antagonists of the series is the crime syndicate called the Black Organization (黒の組織 Kuro no Soshiki?). The Organization has been known for its involvement in several felonies which range from blackmail to assassinations.[ch. 16, 500] Conan's main objective is to bring them down, knowing that he can not return to his life as Jimmy unless doing so, for the sake of protecting his family and friends. The members of the organization are given code names based on alcoholic beverages. So far the leader of the Black Organization is unseen and unheard of and is known only through text messages, but according to Aoyama, he or she is among the many characters that already appeared in the series.[citation needed]


Rum (ラム Ramu?) is the second in charge of the Black Organization and is very closs to the Boss.[ch. 906] His physical description varies: an elderly man, a feminine man, and a strongly-built man; but all sources agree that he has an artificial eye.[ch. 908] So far, Conan has suspected Kansuke Yamato, Nagano Police Inspector and Hyoe Kuroda, Tokyo Police First Division Managing Officer because they match some of these descriptions.[ch. 913]


Gin (ジン Jin?), merciless killer and was the one who fed the APTX 4869 poison to Jimmy Kudo.[ch. 1] He is always seen driving his black Porsche 356A.[ch. 238] Despite his aggressive demeanor, he has repeatedly shown to be a highly cunning and deductive man, seeing through any deception perpetrated against him. His Japanese voice actor is Yukitoshi Hori and his English voice actor is Troy Baker.[4][11] He was portrayed by Sasaki Kuranosuke in the live drama.[6]


Vodka (ウォッカ Wokka?) is a member of the Black Organization and is Gin's partner. He is usually seen alongside Gin. Unlike Gin, Vodka is slow-witted and easy to trick. His Japanese voice actor is Fumihiko Tachiki and his English voice actor is Kyle Hebert.[4][11] He was portrayed by Taro Okada in the live drama.[6]


Vermouth (ベルモット Berumotto?), dubbed as Rotten Apple (ラットゥンアップル Rattun Appuru?) by the FBI, is a mysterious member of the Black Organization. Her appearance remains the same even after many years, suggesting she has found a way to sustain her youth.[ch. 433] Her true identity is Sharon Vineyard (シャロン・ヴィンヤード Sharon Vinyādo?), a famous American actress who mastered the skill of disguise alongside her friend Vivian Kudo.[ch. 350] She is cold-blooded and unflinching, carrying out the Black Organization's orders in the forms of murders and so forth without remorse. She knows Conan Edogawa's true identity as Jimmy Kudo and Anita Hailey's as Sherry, but keeps them a secret from the Black Organization because Jimmy and Rachel saved her life.[ch. 434] Her Japanese voice actress is Mami Koyama.[12]

Chianti and Korn[edit]

Chianti (キャンティ Kyanti?) and Korn (コルン Korun?) are the snipers of the Black Organization. Chianti is a goth-styled member with a blood thirsty personality.[ch. 500] Her Japanese voice actress is Kikuko Inoue.[13] Meanwhile, Korn is an elderly man with an emotionless face who enjoys sniping his victims.[ch. 500] His Japanese voice actor is Hiroyuki Kinoshita.[13]

Other Black Organization members[edit]

Akemi Miyano (宮野 明美 Miyano Akemi?) is a low ranking member of the Black Organization under the alias Masami Hirota (広田 雅美 Hirota Masami?). She is Shiho Miyano's elder sister and also Shuichi Akai's lover.[ch. 181] She steals one billion yen to use as a bargaining chip to free her little sister from the Black Organization but is killed by Gin.[ch. 16] Her Japanese voice actress was Sakiko Tamagawa.[14]

Tequila (テキーラ Tekiira?) is a large intimidating member of the Black Organization who muscles people into making deals with his syndicate.[ch. 114] He is killed by a briefcase bomb which was meant for another person.[ch. 115] His Japanese voice actor was Kōsei Hirota and his English voice actor was Andrew Chandler.[15][16]

Pisco (ピスコ Pisuko?), is an elderly man named Kenzo Masuyama (枡山 憲三 Masuyama Kenzō?) and an assassin for the Black Organization.[ch. 242] He was also close friends with Shiho's parents, although this does not shake his resolve to kill her.[ch. 242] Gin kills him on orders from the boss for breaking the Organization's code of secrecy after being photographed as he committed a murder.[ch. 242] His Japanese voice actor was Yasuo Maramatsu.[17]

Recurring characters[edit]

Junior Detective League [edit]

The Junior Detective League, known as Detective Boys (少年探偵団 Shōnen Tantei-dan?) in Japan, are a group of children consisting of Conan Edogawa, Amy Yoshida, Mitch Tsuburaya, George Kojima, and Anita Hailey. Dr. Agasa often chaperones the kids and assists them when a case needs to be solved. As a symbol of the group, each member has a badge used as a walkie-talkie and a tracer.[ch. 56]

Amy Yoshida [edit]

Amy Yoshida, known as Ayumi Yoshida (吉田 歩美 Yoshida Ayumi?) in Japan and dubbed by Funimation as Amy Yeager, is Conan Edogawa's friend and classmate.[ch. 17] Amy was the sole female member of the Junior Detective League until they got Anita Hailey to join. She has a crush on Conan, which makes him uncomfortable,[ch. 39] and was jealous that Anita attracts Conan's attention.[ch. 201] She is a naive and innocent little girl who shows courage from time to time and acts as the team's cheerful spirit. Amy and Anita later become good friends, referring to each other on a first name basis and adding "-chan" in the Japanese version.[ch. 400] Her Japanese voice actress is Yukiko Iwai and her English voice actress is Monica Rial.[3][4]

Mitch Tsuburaya [edit]

Mitch Tsuburaya, known as Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (円谷 光彦 Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko?) in Japan and dubbed by Funimation as Mitch Tennison, is a friend of Amy Yoshida and George Kojima who enjoys reading science books and takes a scientific approach to problem solving.[ch. 17] He is infatuated with Amy,[ch. 39] and later Anita Hailey. He is a smart and well-read first-grader who believes that technology can solve most problems. It was shown that his parents are both teachers, and he has an older sister named Asami Tsuburaya who is two years his senior. His Japanese voice actress are Ikue Ohtani (mainly) and Ai Orikasa (episodes 425-436 and Case Closed: The Private Eyes' Requiem), while his English voice actor is Cynthia Cranz.[3][4]

George Kojima [edit]

George, also known as Genta Kojima (小嶋 元太 Kojima Genta?) in Japan and dubbed by Funimation as George Kaminski, is the overweight, self-proclaimed leader of the Junior Detective League. He loves food and can eat more than all the other Junior Detective League members combined. Even though he can be intimidating, he is actually very kind. He is a friend of Amy Yoshida and Mitch Tsuburaya, and has been shown to admire his father, who owns a liquor store. Both he and Mitch have a crush on Amy,[ch. 81] and they both envy Conan since she likes him. His Japanese voice actor is Wataru Takagi and his English voice actor was Dameon Clarke for the first 4 seasons and Mike McFarland taking over the role beginning with the fifth season.[3][4]

Anita Hailey [edit]

Shiho Miyano (宮野 志保 Miyano Shiho?) is a former member of the Black Organization under the code name Sherry (シェリー?).[ch. 178] A gifted chemist at a young age, she is the inventor of APTX 4869, the poison that shrank Jimmy Kudo. Both her parents and sister, Akemi Miyano, also worked for the organization.[ch. 179] Shiho betrays the organization after Gin killed her sister.[ch. 179] Shiho took the drug in a suicide attempt, but rather than dying, she, like Jimmy, became small. She is taken in by Dr. Agasa and is given the alias Anita Hailey: known as Ai Haibara (灰原 哀 Haibara Ai?) in the original Japanese version, and dubbed Vi Graythorn by Funimation.[18] Her alias is derived from the detective characters Cordelia Gray ("Hai"bara) and V.I. Warshawski ("AI").[ch. 179] She shows affection towards Jimmy, but she denies having such feelings.[ch. 191, 201] Despite being constantly in the company of the Junior Detective League and Rachel Moore, she was very reserved and only opened up a little more to Rachel and Amy after some time; she is on a first name basis with Amy who calls her "Ai-chan".[ch. 400] She often helps Conan solve cases and find information on the Black Organization to help bring them down in addition to working on the cure to their condition. Her Japanese voice actress is Megumi Hayashibara and her English voice actress is Brina Palencia.[3][19] In the live drama, her teenage form was portrayed by Yuu Kashii and her child form by Shibota Kyoka.[6]


Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department[edit]

The characters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. From the bottom going up, left to right, is Yumi Miyamoto, Kazunobu Chiba, Ninzaburo Santos, Miwako Sato, Wataru Takagi, and Inspector Joseph Meguire.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police is the law enforcement agency of Tokyo Prefecture. The Tokyo Metropolitan police are coordinated by Inspector Joseph Meguire. The other four predominant characters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police are three subordinates, Miwako Sato, Wataru Takagi, Ninzaburo Santos, and Joseph's new superior, Hyoe Kuroda.

Inspector Joseph Meguire [edit]

Inspector Joseph Meguire, known in Japan as Inspector Juzo Megure (目暮十三警部 Megure Jūzō-keibu?), is a veteran police officer who has been working with Jimmy Kudo, Booker Kudo and Richard Moore.[ch. 1] He always wears his hat to hide an old scar which reminds him of a special case from twenty years ago, during his early police days which involved his wife Midori Megure (目暮 みどり Megure Midori?).[ch. 286] His Japanese voice actor is Chafurin and English voice actor is Mark Stoddard.[2][4] He was portrayed by Masahiko Nishimura in the first live drama,[5] whom later got replaced by Ibu Masato in the second and third live drama. He is named after the fictional detective cop Jules Maigret.[vol. 5:afterword]

Miwako Sato [edit]

Miwako Sato (佐藤 美和子 Satō Miwako?), Simone Miwako as dubbed by Funimation, is a tough, highly attractive, energetic, and a dedicated young female officer who works with Inspector Meguire.[ch. 208] Sato is hugely popular with the male members of the police department, but to their chagrin she, albeit hesitantly, begins to develop feelings for her colleague Wataru Takagi.[ch. 330, 404] Her Japanese voice actress is Atsuko Yuya and her English voice actress is Kate Oxley.[19][20]

Wataru Takagi [edit]

Wataru Takagi (高木 渉 Takagi Wataru?), Harry Wilder as dubbed by Funimation, is an officer who works with Meguire. He has feelings for his fellow officer Miwako Sato,[ch. 171] and is a bit jealous when he hears she is interested in someone.[ch. 208-210] Though he has an appearance of ineffectual nervousness, he is quick to assess a situation and take immediate and decisive action when necessary. He seems to be able to survive all kinds of attacks by pure luck. His Japanese voice actor is of the same name, while his English voice actor is Doug Burks.[19][20]

Nicholas Santos [edit]

Nicholas Santos, known in Japan as Ninzaburo Shiratori (白鳥 任三郎 Shiratori Ninzaburō?), is introduced as a recently promoted officer who works with Inspector Meguire.[ch. 209] He has unrequited feelings towards Miwako Sato.[ch. 209-210] He reveals the feelings originated from a young girl in his childhood who had a strong sense of justice and resemblted Sato physically.[ch. 687] After meeting Conan Edogawa's elementary school teacher, Sumiko Kobayashi, Ninzaburo realizes she was the girl from his past and develops a relationship with her.[ch. 689] He is known to have good knowledge on wine and architecture. In Japanese, he has been voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa and Kazuhiko Inoue. His English voice actor is Eric Vale.[21]

Other police officers[edit]

Kiyonaga Matsumoto (松本 清長 Matsumoto Kiyonaga?), dubbed by Funimation as Kiyonaga McLaughlin, is the superior officer of Inspector Meguire and his underlings.[ch. 78] His brutish appearance and the scar running down his left eye easily hide the fact that he is a caring, if somewhat stern, father figure. He is widowed and has a single daughter, named Sayuri Matsumoto.[ch. 78] He received the scar on his face during a confrontation with a serial killer fifteen years prior to the series.[ch. 667] Recently, he has been promoted and his position is taken over by Hyoe Kuroda.[ch. 920] His Japanese voice actor is Seizō Katō and his English voice actor is Bob Carter.[22][23]

Kazunobu Chiba (千葉 和伸 Chiba Kazunobu?) is a light hearted officer and a fan of tokusatsu shows who mostly makes cameo appearances as an officer in the background. He had a crush on a girl named Naeko Miike (三池苗子 Miike Naeko?) when he was young and whom shared a mutual affection. Unbeknownst to him, Naeko Miike recently transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. His Japanese voice actor is Isshin Chiba and his English voice actor is Chris Cason.

Yumi Miyamoto (宮本 由美 Miyamoto Yumi?) is a young female police officer belonging to the traffic department. She is friends with Miwako Sato and mischievously helped Sato push her relationship forward with Wataru Takagi. Her Japanese voice actress is Yu Sugimoto.

Hyoe Kuroda (黒田 兵衛 Kuroda Hyōe?) is the former Nagano Police First Division Chief. He is currently the Tokyo Police First Division Managing Officer after replacing Kiyonaga Matsumoto who has been promoted.[ch. 920] He had been in a coma for ten years due to an accident and had pitch black hair before that.[ch. 914] His right eye was injured during that accident and it is replaced with an artificial one.[ch. 920]

Police of other prefectures[edit]

Throughout the series when Conan is outside Tokyo Prefecture, other officers are called to the scene to arrest the culprit. The most prominent officer is a young police officer from the Gunma Prefecture, Misao Yamamura (山村 ミサオ Yamamura Misao?), Detective Magnum as dubbed by Funimation.[ch. 136] He is naive, clumsy, and child-headed at his job and often tries to film the deduction shows of the sleeping Richard Moore on film but usually fails to do so. Since Conan has tranquilized him to reveal murderers so often, Yamamura was promoted to police inspector. His Japanese voice actor is Toshio Furukawa and his English voice actor is Kent Williams.[24][25]

Sango Yokomizo (横溝 参悟 Yokomizo Sango?), Inspector Worthington as dubbed by Funimation, is a police officer originally seen with the Saitama police,[ch. 59] before being transferred to Shizuoka.[ch. 74] He is quite a capable officer and comes off as intimidating due to speaking loudly and getting close to a suspect's face. His Japanese voice actor is Akio Otsuka and his English voice actor is Dameon Clarke.

Two prominent officers from the Nagano Prefecture are Kansuke Yamato (大和 敢助 Yamato Kansuke?) and Yui Uehara (上原 由衣 Uehara Yui?) who were childhood friends.[ch. 616] Kansuke is a serious officer who is overly assertive when interrogating suspects. He has a pair of criss-crossed scars over his blinded left eye and a permanently injured left leg due to an avalanche accident which he sustained from chasing a criminal.[ch. 617] His name is based on the strategist Yamamoto Kansuke.[ch. 682] His Japanese voice actor is Yuji Takada.[26] Yui is the opposite of Kansuke and is professional and considerate to others. When Kansuke was presumed dead Yui resigned and took it upon herself to marry into the Torada (虎田?) family to investigate the death of another well-loved colleague.[ch. 618] Her Japanese voice actress is Ami Koshimizu.[26]

Public Security Bureau[edit]

The fictional Public Security Bureau in the series sent Rei Furuya and Scotch to infiltrate the Black Organization, but Scotch was killed by Shuichi Akai who was also infiltrating the Black Organization on behalf of the FBI at the same time.[ch. 938] As a result, Rei Furuya hated Shuichi and the FBI generally and hoped they would leave Japan altogether.[ch. 892]

Rei Furuya[edit]

Rei Furuya (降谷 零 Furuya Rei?) also known as Toru Amuro (安室 透 Amuro Tōru?) is a Public Security Bureau agent working undercover in the Black Organization with the codename Bourbon (バーボン Bābon?). Rei feigns interest in being Richard's student in order to gather information on Shiho Miyano. After Shiho fakes her death, he begins to suspect Conan of being the one behind Richard's deductions. Due to a past incident, he despises Shuichi Akai and later discovers that he is still alive. He planned to turn Akai over to the Black Organization to gain the Organization's trust and get closer to the heart of the Organization. However, Conan managed to outsmart his plan with the help of Akai. He is often seen working with Vermouth, but is unclear how much the two trust or know about each other. It is revealed that he knows Vermouth's relationship to the boss. His voice actor is Tōru Furuya.


Scotch (スコッチ Sukotchi?) was an undercover member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau inside the Black Organization.[ch. 898] Not much has been revealed about his past and his time inside the organization, although he was acquainted with Rei Furuya (another undercover agent from the same organization) as well as Shuichi Akai (an undercover FBI agent using the alias Dai Moroboshi).[ch. 937] Scotch was killed before his real name was revealed to the other Black Organization members.[ch. 898]


The FBI agents from left to right are Jodie Starling, James Black, and Shuichi Akai.

The fictional Federal Bureau of Investigation in the series consists of many agents led by James Black (ジェイムズ・ブラック Jeimuzu Burakku?) who is voiced by Iemasa Kayumi.[ch. 435][27] They are investigating Sharon Vineyard and have followed her to Japan where they discovered the existence of the Black Organization.[ch. 435]

Jodie Starling[edit]

Jodie Starling (ジョディ・スターリング Jodi Sutaaringu?) is introduced as Rachel Moore's new English teacher under the name of Jodie Saintemillion (ジョディ・サンテミリオン Jodi Santemirion?).[ch. 270] She is later revealed to be an FBI agent with a personal vendetta against Vermouth who murdered her father.[ch. 433] She knows of Conan Edogawa's detective skills and often has him help the FBI to battle the Black Organization. Her Japanese voice actress is Miyuki Ichijou.[28]

Shuichi Akai[edit]

Shuichi Akai (赤井 秀一 Akai Shūichi?) was first introduced as a mysterious man spying on Conan Edogawa.[ch. 289] He is later revealed to be an FBI agent and Jodie Starling's partner.[ch. 434] In the past, he was a spy within the Black Organization and was given the codename Rye (ライ Rai?) until his identity as an FBI agent was accidentally revealed by Andre Camel.[ch. 599] Akai holds a personal vendetta on the organization for murdering his love interest Akemi Miyano.[ch. 599] Due to his cunning mind and impressive skills, the Black Organization considered him their greatest threat.[ch. 607] He is seemingly killed by the Black Organization after being shot and having his truck explode.[ch. 609] Recently, a mysterious man who physically resembles Akai has garnered the interest of the FBI and Black Organization.[ch. 700] Gosho chose the character's surname name from Char Aznable, a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam series, who is nicknamed The Red Comet (赤い彗星のシャア Akai Suisei no Shā?).[29] As for the personal name, Gosho took the given name of Char's voice actor, Shūichi Ikeda. When Akai was set to appear in the anime, Gosho requested Shūichi Ikeda to be the voice actor.[29][30]

Andre Camel[edit]

Andre Camel (アンドレ・キャメル Andore Kyameru?) is a brutish-looking FBI agent.[ch. 600] In the past, he accidentally exposed Shuichi Akai's identity as an FBI agent to the Black Organization and impeded his mission as a spy.[ch. 607] He felt his mistake caused Akai's love interest to be killed by the Black Organization and has thus felt indebted to Akai ever since.[ch. 607] His Japanese voice actor is Kiyoyuki Yanada.[31]


The fictional Central Intelligence Agency in the series sent Ethan Hondo and his daughter Hidemi Hondo to investigate the Black Organization.[ch. 604] Hidemi adopts the alias Rena Mizunashi and joins the Black Organization to spy from within. Due to circumstances, Ethan is forced to sacrifice his life to save Hidemi's. Years after, Eisuke Hondo searches for Rena Mizunashi to avenge his family only to realize her true identity as his sister.[ch. 604]

Ethan Hondo[edit]

Ethan Hondo (イーサン・本堂 Īsan Hondō?) is a hard-boiled CIA agent and is Hidemi Hondo and Eisuke Hondo's father.[ch. 594] He was originally suspected to be a member of the Black Organization but in actuality was spying on them from the inside.[ch. 595] When he and his daughter put a plan in motion to place a new CIA agent within the organization, Ethan noticed that the syndicate had bugged Hidemi's clothes. To protect his daughter, Ethan was forced to injure Hidemi and kill himself - making it look like he had interrogated her and she had killed him.[ch. 604] His Japanese voice actor was Rikiya Koyama.[32]

Eisuke Hondo[edit]

Eisuke Hondo (本堂 瑛祐 Hondō Eisuke?) is Rachel Moore's very clumsy new classmate.[ch. 508] He was suspected to be part of the Black Organization due to his resemblance to Rena Mizunashi and strange behavior.[ch. 550] It is later revealed that Eisuke believed that Rena murdered his sister and father when in actuality, Rena was his sister under an alias.[ch. 604] Eisuke, after learning of his father and sister's career as CIA agents, moves to America to pursue a career as a CIA agent. He also figures out that Conan is actually Jimmy Kudo.[ch. 621] He fell in love with Rachel, but decides to give up on her after realizing that Jimmy is not willing to give her up to him. His Japanese voice actress is Junko Noda.[33]

Hidemi Hondo [edit]

Hidemi Hondo (本堂 瑛海 Hondō Hidemi?), originally introduced as a newscaster named Rena Mizunashi (水無 怜奈 Mizunashi Rena?), is Eisuke Hondo's sister.[ch. 499, 604] Hidemi Hondo served under the Black Organization as a member with the codename Kir (キール Kiiru?).[ch. 500] It is ultimately revealed that she is an undercover CIA agent, working as a double agent within the Black Organization, trying to bring them down.[ch. 604] The FBI manage to place Hidemi back into the Black Organization so she could continue to spy on them. To prove her loyalty, Hidemi was ordered to kill Shuichi Akai.[ch. 609] Though under heavy surveillance, she reports information to Jodie Starling.[ch. 622] Her Japanese voice actress is Kotono Mitsuishi.[13]

Other major recurring characters[edit]

Hiroshi Agasa [edit]

Hiroshi Agasa (阿笠 博士 Agasa Hiroshi?), Hershel Agasa as dubbed by Funimation, is an absent-minded professor who invents several devices to help Jimmy/Conan.[ch. 6] He is one of the few characters in the story who knows of Jimmy Kudo's predicament and helps hide his identity as Conan Edogawa. He often takes care of the Junior Detective League and takes them on trips in his old VW Beetle.[ch. 111, 200] After finding Shiho Miyano on the streets, he takes her into his care and gives her the alias Anita Hailey to hide her from the Black Organization.[ch. 179] His Japanese voice actor is Kenichi Ogata and his English voice actor is Bill Flynn.[3][4]

Serena Sebastian [edit]

Serena Sebastian, known in Japan as Sonoko Suzuki (鈴木 園子 Suzuki Sonoko?), is Rachel Moore's best friend.[ch. 40] She has light brown hair and comes from a wealthy family with a high social status, although she does not flaunt this, preferring to be a outgoing social girl who chases after and flirts with attractive boys. When Richard is unavailable, she is usually the person Conan knocks out and impersonates to solve cases instead, to which she sometimes thinks she too is a brilliant detective.[ch. 44] In later chapters, she has a long-distance relationship with Makoto Kyogoku. Her Japanese voice actress is Naoko Matsui and her English voice actress is Laura Bailey.[34][35] She was portrayed by Mayuko Iwasa in the first and second live drama,[5] and by Sayaka Akimoto in the third live drama.

Booker Kudo [edit]

Booker Kudo, known in Japan as Yusaku Kudo (工藤 優作 Kudō Yūsaku?), is Jimmy Kudo's father and husband of Vivian Kudo.[ch. 49] He is a famous author of detective stories and created the popular Night Baron (闇の男爵 Yami no Danshaku?) character.[ch. 51] He is extremely intelligent, and often had helped the police many times in the past solve cases that no one else were able to solve. His deduction skills are even superior to Jimmy's.[ch. 138] He was the one who created the name Kaito Kid from the Phantom Thief 1412 moniker.[ch. 573] It was even hinted that he may have known Toichi Kuroba was the Kaito Kid he was facing.`His Japanese voice actor is Hideyuki Tanaka and his English voice actor was Randy Tallman. Booker was later voiced by John Swasey in The Phantom of Baker Street movie.[36][37]

Vivian Kudo [edit]

Vivian Kudo, known in Japan as Yukiko Kudo (工藤 有希子 Kudō Yukiko?), is Jimmy Kudo's mother and wife of Booker Kudo.[ch. 49] Her maiden name is Fujimine (藤峰?). She was a former actress who was trained in the art of disguise by Toichi Kuroba but gave up her career at age twenty to marry Booker.[ch. 49, 573] She occasionally shows up in Japan to see her son. Because of her reputation as the wife of a famous mystery author and for involving herself in some criminal cases which she occasionally helps to solve, she has been given the nickname, "The Night Baroness" after the main character that her husband created for his mystery novels.[ch. 351] Her Japanese voice actress is Sumi Shimamoto and her English voice actress is Laurie Steele.[36][37]

Harley Hartwell [edit]

Harley Hartwell, known in Japan as Heiji Hattori (服部 平次 Hattori Heiji?), is a high school detective from Osaka and Jimmy Kudo's rival.[ch. 92] He later becomes friends with Conan Edogawa after discovering his true identity as Jimmy.[ch. 121] Although he tries to hide it, he often gets concerned for Jimmy's safety when dealing with the Black Organization and warns him to be careful. He has a relationship with Kazuha Toyama, his childhood friend and would-be love interest.[ch. 185] Harley speaks in a Kansai dialect and is also a master kendo fighter.[ch. 92, 314] His father Heizo Hartwell, known in Japan as Heizo Hattori (服部 平蔵 Hattori Heizō?) and dubbed Martin Hartwell by Funimation, is the chief commissioner of the Osaka police department.[ch. 93, 150] His Japanese voice actor is Ryo Horikawa and his English voice actor is Kevin M. Connolly.[38][39] He is portrayed in the live dramas by Tori Matsuzaka.[40] Heiji Hattori was inspired by the fictional Inspector Hattori, from Shunsaku Kudo stories.[vol. 18] Heizo Hattori was named after the fictional Heizo Hasegawa and the real life Hattori Hanzō.[vol. 15]

Kazuha Toyama [edit]

Kazuha Toyama (遠山 和葉 Tōyama Kazuha?), Kirsten Thomas as dubbed by Funimation, is Harley Hartwell's childhood friend and a daughter of a commissioner who is positioned high in the Osaka police department. Harley and Kazuha's fathers are close friends. Her relationship with Harley closely mirrors Rachel Moore's with Jimmy Kudo; she is too shy to admit that they feel more than friendship for their respective partner. She and Harley share a pouch with a broken handcuff link which is their good luck charm.[ch. 186] She was, at first, jealous of Rachel because she mistakenly assumed that Rachel was in love with Harley and had a lot of coincidental similarities with him.[ch. 185-188,211] Upon finding out about Rachel's and Jimmy's relationship and Rachel's kind personality, she later becomes very close friends with Rachel. She is also a skilled 2nd-degree blackbelt in Aikido.[ch. 188] Her Japanese voice actress is Yūko Miyamura and her English voice actress is Gwendolyn Lau.[41][42] She is portrayed by Rei Okamoto in the live drama.[40]

Eva Kaden [edit]

Eva Kaden, known in Japan as Eri Kisaki (妃 英里 Kisaki Eri?)and dubbed by Funimation as Eva Kadan, is Rachel Moore's lawyer mother who has been separated from Richard for the last ten years.[ch. 107] She is known as "Queen" in the legal world. She still wears her wedding ring and still cares for him and is not above testing his love for her.[ch. 107,163-165] She is also highly skilled in Judo, being taught by Richard,[ch. 107] but bad at cooking skills and has a Russian Blue kitten named Goro that was based on Richard's name, Kogoro.[ch. 529] Her Japanese voice actress was Gara Takashima and her English voice actress is Julie Mayfield.[43][44] Her name, Eri Kisaki, originates from Ellery Queen;[vol. 11] Kisaki (?) means "Queen."

Kaito Kid[edit]

Main article: Kaito Kuroba

Originally the protagonist of Gosho Aoyoma's Magic Kaito series, Kaito Kid (怪盗キッド Kaitō Kiddo?) is a gentleman thief who employs the use of magic tricks to steal jewelry in his heists.[ch. 157] He is a master of disguise and often escapes from the police through the use of his hang glider. He appears in Case Closed to perform daring thefts while a large audience watches.[ch. 453, 631] His true identity is Kaito Kuroba (黒羽 快斗 Kuroba Kaito?).[45] His striking resemblance to Jimmy Kudo allows him to impersonate Jimmy without the use of a mask.[46] His Japanese voice actor is Kappei Yamaguchi and his English voice actor is Jerry Jewell.[42][47]

Sumiko Kobayashi [edit]

Sumiko Kobayashi (小林 澄子 Kobayashi Sumiko?), Liz Faulkner as dubbed by Funimation, is the Junior Detective League's class teacher.[ch. 154] Actually a kind person, in her initial period at Teitan Elementary she was harsh and strict to her students, which was in fact prompted by a previous bad experience and her innate stage fright.[ch. 155] With the help of Conan and the detective boys she has warmed considerably, and after having seen the Junior Detective League in action she has even appointed herself as their manager.[ch. 517] When she wears contacts, she looks like officer Sato.[ch. 515] It's revealed later that she had a past childhood encounter with Ninzaburo Santos and develops a relationship with him.[ch. 689] Her Japanese voice actress is Yuko Kato and her English voice actress is Stephanie Young.[48][49]

Jirokichi Sebastian [edit]

Jirokichi Sebastian, known in Japan as Jirokichi Suzuki (鈴木 次郎吉 Suzuki Jirokichi?), is a glory hounding seventy-two-year-old man and Serena Sebastian's uncle.[ch. 453] Despite his age, he is very fit and is an active industrial advisor for the Suzuki company. Ever since the Kaito Kid stole his place on the paper's front page, he had been obsessed with catching Kid in order to raise his fame, only to be outdone by Conan Edogawa every time instead.[ch. 631] He loves to ride his customized accelerated motorcycle with his dog Lupin.[ch. 453] His great wealth allows him to buy top notch security and several ways of lock down to surround Kid, but so far none of his plans have worked. His Japanese voice actor was Ichirō Nagai.[50] After Ichirō Nagai's death, his Japanese voice actor is Kōsei Tomita.

Subaru Okiya[edit]

Subaru Okiya (沖矢 昴 Okiya Subaru?) was introduced as a nameless suspect of burning down an apartment.[ch. 622] His appearance is that of a young blond haired man with glasses. He is currently staying in Jimmy Kudo's house with Conan's permission after his apartment burned down.[ch. 624] He states he is a graduate student concentrating on engineering and is revealed to have high deduction skills.[ch. 640] It is revealed later, he is Shuichi Akai in disguise, after his fake death. His Japanese voice actor is Ryotaro Okiayu.[51]

Masumi Sera[edit]

Masumi Sera (世良 真純 Sera Masumi?) is a female teenage detective who has taken an interest in Conan's affairs. It is revealed that she is the sister of Shuichi Akai.[ch. 821] She is voiced by Noriko Hidaka.[52]

Shukichi Haneda[edit]

Shukichi Haneda (羽田 秀𠮷 Haneda Shūkichi?) is a professional shogi player, as well as the former boyfriend of Yumi Miyamoto.[ch. 847] He is also widely known by the name of Taiko Meijin in the world of shogi.[ch. 849] Yumi nicknames him 'Chukichi' (チュウ𠮷/秀𠮷(チュウキチ) Chūkichi?) because he keeps eating cheese like a mouse which makes a noise that sounds a lot like 'Chu'.[ch. 946] His Japanese voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa.

Unknown child[edit]

An unknown child of middle-school age who appears to be a girl with light hair was shown hiding in Masumi Sera's room.[ch. 877] The child's eyes have a remarkable resemblance to those of Shuichi Akai and Masumi Sera. It is possible that "Mary" (メアリー Mearī?) is the child's real name.[ch. 930] She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka.

Minor recurring characters[edit]

Reiko Kujo

Reiko Kujo (九条 玲子 Kujō Reiko?) is a recurring character appearing only in the anime adaptation.[53] She is a public prosecutor, nicknamed "Madonna of the Courtroom" and is Eva Kadan's rival. Her Japanese voice actress is Rica Matsumoto.[53]

Tomoaki Araide

Tomoaki Araide (新出 智明 Araide Tomoaki?) is a young doctor and the son of Richard Moore's physician.[ch. 234] He was once the basketball coach on Rachel's school and, upon their first encounter, thought to be a rival for Jimmy affections for Rachel.[ch. 234] He has reappeared in Conan's vicinity on several occasions - seemingly at least; his identity was used by Vermouth in order to track down Shiho Miyano.[ch. 432] He was almost murdered by her to facilitate the cover, but the FBI had temporarily moved him to safety in America.[ch. 457] His Japanese voice actor is Hideyuki Hori.[54]

Yoko Okino

Yoko Okino (沖野 ヨーコ Okino Yōko?) is a young pop star idol who is a regular focus of worship by Richard Moore.[ch. 6] She has a number of cameos throughout the series, mostly as a prominent guest at some social gatherings which turn into criminal cases.[ch. 322] Her Japanese voice actress is Yuri Amano for episodes 3 to 122 and Miki Nagasawa from episode 249 onwards and her English voice actress is Elise Baughman.[55][56]

Makoto Kyogoku

Makoto Kyogoku (京極 真 Kyōgoku Makoto?) is Serena Sebastian's long distance boyfriend and a karate champion that has been admired by Rachel.[ch. 221] He is known as "The Prince of Kicks" in his karate team.[ch. 221] He is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama.

Azusa Enomoto

Azusa Enomoto (榎本 梓 Enomoto Azusa?) is a kind and young worker at the Café Poirot, the coffee shop that is directly under the Moore's Detective Agency. Richard often goes there for a quick coffee break. Azusa sometimes gives Richard a case to solve, mostly involving missing cell phones and cell phone messages.[ch. 438] She is voiced by Mikiko Enomoto.

Sakurako Yonehara

Sakurako Yonehara (米原 桜子 Yonehara Sakurako?) is a housekeeper.[ch. 781] She is Naeko Miike and Detective Chiba's childhood friend.[ch. 847] She has noticed Conan has a split personality.[ch. 784] Her Japanese voice actress is Sakura Tange.


The name changes done by Funimation Entertainment and Viz Media were highly criticized. Carlo Santos of Anime News Network criticized how they attempted to Americanize the main characters' names yet the secondary characters were able to keep their Japanese names.[57] Eduardo M. Chavez of and Jeffrey Harris of IGN agreed that the name changes were pointless.[58][59]

Due to the popularity of the series, the characters from the series were used in a pamphlet to introduce the 34th G8 summit and were used to promote general crime fighting.[60][61] The characters were also featured on commemorative stamps.[62] Statues of Jimmy Kudo, Conan Edogawa, and Rachel Moore are found at Hokuei, Tottori.[63][64][65] Several figurines were produced based on the likeness of the characters in the Case Closed series.[66] Many characters were also featured on trading cards from the Case Closed collectible card game.[67]


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