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A typical page from the 1st book of Jeu

The Books of Jeu are two Gnostic texts. Though independent works, both the First Book of Jeu and the Second Book of Jeu appear, in Coptic, in the Bruce Codex.[1]

Illustrative diagrams[edit]

One of the unusual features of the Books of Jeu are that they predominantly consist of mystic incantations and similarly esoteric diagrams, often including concentric circles and squares. Like much of Gnostic teaching, it was only designed to be understood once a certain level of understanding was reached, and so appears to the casual observer to be quite obscure as to its meaning or purpose. The text has only been known for a brief time, and so there is not much academic research into them, however it does appear to be the case that the texts are some sort of manual for one or more unknown Gnostic ritual(s).[citation needed]

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