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The Books of Jeu are gnostic manuscripts.

Efforts at dating[edit]

The books are estimated as written during a period spanning 100 A.D to 300 A.D (approximately), in the time of the Roman rule of Egypt.[1] perhaps toward the latter end of this period.[2]


It seems probable that the Gnostic texts were written intended for the involvement of initiatory rituals.[3]

The writings are in two books and are stated as taken from the speech of Jesus (of Nazareth) to an unknown number of disciples at a time after the former's rising from the dead . [2]


The books are a part of the Bruce Codex (located within the Bodleian Library), and were originally written in the Coptic language.[4]

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A typical page from the 1st book of Jeu


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Books of Jeu and the Untitled Text in the Bruce Codex (Nag Hammadi Studies) by Violet MacDermot (translator)(1978) retrieved 22/10/2011

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