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Radio audiobook is a radio programming format for audiobooks. The programming is usually in series format due the length of the books. The books may be abridged or unabridged, sometimes as dramatisations. The productions may be for radio only, or also distributed through other media such as vinyl record, cassette tape, CD-ROM and digital download. Books include all genres such as fiction and non-fiction. They are read by an actor, the author or a full-cast.

Channels which have regular audiobook programming include BBC Radio 4, BBC 6Music, Oneword and BBC World Service in the UK, RTÉ Radio 1 in Ireland, National Public Radio in the US, and ABC local radio and ABC Radio National in Australia.

List of audiobook shows[edit]

The following is a list of radio shows that play audiobooks. It is not a list of specific audiobooks.

BBC Radio 4[edit]

BBC World Service[edit]

BBC Radio 4 Extra[edit]

BBC 6Music[edit]

RTÉ Radio 1[edit]

  • "Fiction 15" external link newly commissioned writing for younger listeners.
  • "Francis Macmanus Short Story" external link short stories.
  • "The Poem and the Place" external link brings together poems and the places which inspired them.

ABC Radio National[edit]

  • "The Book Reading" external link classic and contemporary fiction by Australian and world writers, read by actors.
  • "Short story" external link two short stories a week.

ABC local radio[edit]

  • "Short story project" external link short stories from around Australia.


  • Virtually all of Oneword's programming, 24 hours a day. external link

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