Boomer Phillips

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Boomer Phillips
Boomer Phillips 2013.jpg
Phillips in 2013
Born Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Medium Stand-up, Television, Film, Radio
Years active 2006–present
Notable works and roles Video on Trial, The Adrenaline Project "Bounty Hunters

Boomer Phillips (born November 21, 1977)[1] (also credited as Jeff "Boomer" Phillips) is a Canadian comedian/actor and television personality, who made regular appearances on Video on Trial on MuchMusic. He was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and currently lives in Toronto.[2] Besides his appearances in Video on Trial, he also played the role of "Pete Sharp" on the W Network's The Smart Woman Survival Guide. In 2008, he was recruited by YTV to host The Adrenaline Project where kids compete in physical endurance challenges.[3] Phillips also appeared in over 50 commercials and several small movies. Boomer's comedy is known to be quite often physical, quite vulgar, and critiquing in nature.


Phillips first stepped onto a comedy stage in 2006. Within a year he was a finalist in three comedy competitions and was a regular on a Yuk Yuk's stage.


Boomer has been featured in over 60 episodes of Video on Trial. He has appeared in all 39 episodes of The Adrenaline Project and has had recurring roles in such shows as Howie Do It, Stars Gone Wild, Too Much Information, Freak Encounters, The Smart Woman Survival Guide and Much on Demand. Other shows include Dual Suspects, Forensic Factor, Bitten, Heroes Reborn and ReGenesis.


Phillips was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in the Best Male Performance category for the film Bail Enforcers, in which he played the lead, opposite WWE diva Trish Stratus. Other films include Committed, Her Husband's Betrayal, Goon 2, First Round Down and Swearnet: The Movie.


In 2014, Phillips began work on The Todd Shapiro Show that airs on SiriusXM radio.

Motivational speaking[edit]

Phillips began motivational speaking to inspire kids to follow their dreams in 2014. He tries to instil the mindset of a "fail Till You Succeed" and "innovation for you" philosophy in hopes of showing youth that it's alright to fail as long as they don't give up.


After 9 years of applying to over thirty cities, Phillips achieved his dream of being a Professional Firefighter when he was hired by the City of Hamilton, Ontario in August 2011.


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