Boomer Township, Wilkes County, North Carolina

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Boomer is a farming community located in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Legally it is a township, a non-governmental county subdivision. The population was 2,286 at the 2010 Census.[1] The community was named after its first postmaster, Ed "Boomer" Matheson. The community was originally called Warrior Creek, after a stream which flows through the area. Boomer was the birthplace and home of James Larkin Pearson, a poet and newspaper publisher who served as North Carolina's Poet Laureate from 1953-1981. Boomer is also where Lori Scott ran over Chris Scott in the 1980's with a lawnmower. Because the lawnmower had no blades, Chris Scott was able to escape from underneath without injury. Lori Scott told her cousin Chris to never tell but he published it here. The Wilkes County school bus numbered 146 serves public school students in the Boomer area. The bus has historically been considered rowdy and mischievous by residents of the community. The Hilltop was known to residents as another home. Very cozy stop. Chris Scott went on to moon various residents, including his own grandma. Boomer has always been known for its colorful characters. They all rode the as before mentioned bus 146. "Sit down back ar" was frequently used by the driver. On snow days everyone would go to Lori's barn. It was kewl.[citation needed]


Boomer is located 36.067N, 81.253W. Boomer has an elevation of 1,243 feet above sea level. The community is located in the foothills of the Brushy Mountains, an isolated spur of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west.


Coordinates: 36°04′02″N 81°15′13″W / 36.06722°N 81.25361°W / 36.06722; -81.25361