Boomerang Range

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Boomerang Range
Nunateks boomerang range.jpg
Elevation ca. 1600m
Location Boomerang Range, west side of Skelton Neve, Antarctica
Coordinates 78°27′S 158°45′E / 78.45°S 158.75°E / -78.45; 158.75Coordinates: 78°27′S 158°45′E / 78.45°S 158.75°E / -78.45; 158.75

The Boomerang Range, (at 78°27′S 158°45′E / 78.45°S 158.75°E / -78.45; 158.75), is a narrow mountain range on the western side of the Skelton Glacier and Skelton Névé, Antarctica. The range is curved like a boomerang, and extends generally north-south for about 25 km. It was mapped and named in 1957 by geologists in the New Zealand party of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (CTAE), 1956-58.[1][2]


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