Booming Ice Chasm

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Booming Ice Chasm
Map showing the location of Booming Ice Chasm
Map showing the location of Booming Ice Chasm
Location Crows Nest Pass, Alberta, Canada
Coordinates 49°37′N 114°41′W / 49.617°N 114.683°W / 49.617; -114.683Coordinates: 49°37′N 114°41′W / 49.617°N 114.683°W / 49.617; -114.683
Depth 140 metres (460 ft)
Length 704 metres (2,310 ft)
Discovery 2008[1]
Geology shale and limestone
Entrances 1
Hazards Acoustics, smooth ice
Features Ice falls

Booming Ice Chasm is an ice cave in the Crowsnest Pass area of the Canadian Rockies. It is a cold-trap cave, where cold air enters the cave and is unable to leave, resulting in the entrance pitch and floor being covered in several metres of clear, smooth ice. The name derives from the acoustics of the cave.[2] The cave was discovered in 2005 by a caver who identified it using Google Earth.[3] and first explored and mapped in 2008 by the Alberta Speleological Society.[1]


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