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Boompa Records
Founded2003 (2003)
FounderRob Calder, Scott Walker.
Distributor(s)Outside Music (Canada), NAIL Distribution (United States), Lirico (Japan), The Orchard (Digital)
GenreIndie Pop/Rock
Country of origin Canada
LocationVancouver, British Columbia

Boompa Records is a Canadian independent record label, founded in 2003 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Boompa Records (launched in September 2003) was established as a music production company by Rob Calder and Scott L.D. Walker, fellow members of the Canadian Indie Band The Salteens. The label's creation was marked with the release of The Salteens' album Let Go of Your Bad Days in the Spring of 2003.

Beginning in Summer 2003, Boompa began their expansion into publicity services, music placement and licensing and artist management. As the label progressed, they further expanded to manage grant administration, tour management, promotions, booking and web services. Boompa has also organized grant administration for non-Boompa artists, including Hot Hot Heat, Destroyer (band), and Humans (Canadian band).

Boompa received positive acclaim in its first year, where it was credited with releasing "consistently excellent" music.[1] The company was described by Canadian music critic Adrien Begrand as "the most fun [label] to discover" in 2004.[1]

Since the label's formation, songs by Boompa artists have been featured on such shows as Grey's Anatomy, Joan of Arcadia, Dawson's Creek, Degrassi, The L-Word, Alienated, Radio Free Roscoe and Yo Gabba Gabba! among others.

Boompa bands and artists have also been featured at many festivals and music events, including POP Montreal, Canadian Music Week, SXSW, Halifax POP Explosion and Rifflanida. Internationally, Boompa artists have also made performances in Reykjavík at the Iceland Airwaves Festival.

Currently, they are distributed by Outside (CAN), Nail (USA), Lirico (JAP), The Orchard (Digital World). To date, Boompa has released 59 catalogues of music.

Label Roster (Current Artists)[edit]

The Belle Game · Woodpigeon · Christopher Smith

Label Roster (Catalogue Artists)[edit]

The Salteens · Small Sins · The Rentals · Reverie Sound Revue · Colleen and Paul · Circlesquare · Patrick Brealey · Leeroy Stagger · Lullaby Baxter · The Hylozoists · Run Chico Run · my project: blue · Matt Sharp (weezer, The Rentals) · Sekiden · The Lucksmiths.


The Salteens Let Go Of Your Bad Days CD BPA001 2003
The Lucksmiths Naturaliste CD BPA002 2004
Sekiden Junior Fiction CD BPA003 2004
Various Artists Boompa Volume 1 CD BPA801 YEAR
Run Chico Run Shashbo CD BPA004 2004
Matt Sharp Matt Sharp CD BPA006 2004
Leeroy Stagger Beautiful House CD BPA007 2005
my project: blue my project: blue CD BPA010 2005
The Salteens Let Go Of Your Bad Days (USA) CD BPA001 2005
Small Sins The Ladies and Gentlemen CD BPA014 2006
Run Chico Run Slow Action CD BPA011 2006
Leeroy Stagger Tales from the Back Porch CD BPA012 2006
The Hylozoists La Fin Du Monde CD BPA013 2006
Small Sins Small Sins CD BPA014 2006
Lullaby Baxter Garden Cities of Tomorrow CD BPA015 2006
Leeroy Stagger Depression River CD BPA016 2006
The Rentals Last Little Life CD BPA019 2007
Small Sins Mood Swings CD BPA020 2007
Circlesquare Pre-Earthquake Anthem CD BPA017 2009
Circlesquare Fight Sounds EP CD BPA026 2009
Circlesquare Songs About Dancing And Drugs CD BPA021 2009
Woodpigeon La Commission Scolaire Digital BPA024 2009
Woodpigeon Treasury Library Canada CD BPA022 2009
Leeroy Stagger Everything is Real CD BPA023 2009
Reverie Sound Revue Reverie Sound Revue EP CD BPA027 2009
Reverie Sound Revue Reverie Sound Revue CD BPA028 2009
Christopher Smith Keepsake CD BPA033 2008
Patrick Brealey Mercury in Songbirds CD BPA031 2009
Woodpigeon Die Stadt Muzikanten CD BPA035 2010
Christopher Smith Gently Gently CD BPA034 2010
Woodpigeon Spirehouse CD BPA039 2010
Christopher Smith The Beckon Call CD BPA037 2010
The Salteens Moths CD BPA038 2010
Christopher Smith Paper Chains CD BPA040 2010
Colleen and Paul Colleen and Paul CD BPA041 2010
The Salteens Kid Songs CD BPA043 2010
Woodpigeon Our Love is as Tall as the Calgary Tower CD BPA044 2010
Woodpigeon BALLADEER / to all the guys i've loved before CD BPA036 2010
The Salteens Grey Eyes CD BPA042 2010
Woodpigeon For Paolo CD BPA046 2012
No Sinner Boo Hoo Hoo CD BPA052 2012
Christopher Smith Pillars and Pyre CD BPA053 2012
Christopher Smith Earning Keep CD BPA048 2012
Woodpigeon Diamonds CD BPA045 2012
The Belle Game Wait Up For You / Wasted Light EP CD BPA058 2013
Woodpigeon Edinburgh EP CD BPA056 2013
Woodpigeon Thumbtacks and Glue CD BPA059 2013
The Belle Game Ritual Tradition Habit CD BPA054 2013

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