Boon Brewery

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Boon Brewery
The Boon Brewery in Lembeek
Type Brewery
Location Brussels, Belgium Lembeek
Key people Frank Boon
Active beers
Geuze and kriek
Name Type
Other beers
Faro beer and Duivelsbier
Name Type

Boon Brewery (Brouwerij Boon) is a Belgian brewery situated in Lembeek, near Brussels, that mainly produces geuze and kriek beer of a fairly traditional lambic variety, but using distinctly modern brewing techniques and equipment. Other products of the brewery including Faro beer and Duivelsbier, the traditional beer of Halle.

The head of the brewery is Frank Boon.

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Coordinates: 50°42′42″N 4°13′10″E / 50.7118°N 4.2194°E / 50.7118; 4.2194