Boon Rawd Brewery

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Boon Rawd Brewery
Industry Beverage
Founded 1933
Founder Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Area served
Key people
Santi Bhirombhakdi, President and CEO
Subsidiaries Singha Corporation

Boon Rawd Brewery (Thai: บริษัท บุญรอดบริวเวอรี่ จำกัด) is an Asian brewery founded in 1933 [1] by Boonrawd Srethabutra in Thailand which also makes and sells soft drinks.[2] Their best known product is the pale lager Singha. [3]


Boon Rawd Brewery was the first of its kind in Thailand, and produces beer under the Singha brand name. The brewery was founded by Boonrawd Srethabutra, on whom HM King Prajadhipok Rama VII bestowed the aristocratic title of Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi. The brewery is still under the management of the Bhirom Bhakdi family (3rd and 4th generations).

The "singha" is a mystical lion, found in ancient Hindu and Thai stories. It is a powerful mythological creature and was chosen as a symbol. The Garuda symbol on the bottleneck is a symbol of Thailand's royalty. The royal warrant was bestowed on 25 October 1939. Boon Rawd is the only Thai brewery to be granted royal permission to display it.[4]

Boon Rawd bought two German breweries in Hartmannsdorf and Mittweida in Saxony in 1994, which until 2001 produced Singha Gold for the European market. However, Singha beer has always been brewed and bottled in Thailand. Today, all of the Singha brands are produced only in Thailand, to preserve the original taste for the export market.

Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi was born Boonrawd Sreshthaputra on 13 October 1872, son of Pra Bhirom Bhakdi (Chom Sresthaputra ). He was educated at home, taught by his father until the age of 11, when he was sent to a temple to be further educated by the monks, a custom at the time for Thai boys. He started work quite young, during his teens, as a teacher, and then moved on to become a clerk at A.J.Dickson, a British-owned logging company. He stayed in the logging business for a while, and acted as a car dealer for a bit before starting his own ferry business, ferrying Bangkokians across the Chao Praya River, between Bangkok and Thonburi. The business was a success at first, until there was too much competition, and finally the building of bridges across the river. He dabbled in the idea of brewing a Thai-made beer in 1929, and finally sent a request to the government to build the first Thai brewery in 1930. Meanwhile, Boonrawd toured Germany and Denmark to study the art of making beer. His dream became a reality in 1933, when the first bottle of Thai beer, Singha Beer, rolled off the assembly line at Boon Rawd Brewery in 1934.


Singha beer is Boon Rawd's most famous product

Boon Rawd produces Singha Beer, Singha Light Beer, Singha Soda Water, Singha Water, Leo Beer, Thai Beer, Moshi Green Tea, and B-ing Lifestyle Functional drink.



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