Boonoo Boonoo River

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Boonoo Boonoo River
Boonoo Boonoo River.jpg
Boonoo Boonoo River, 2010
Name origin: Aboriginal: "poor country with no animals to provide food"[1]
Country Australia
State New South Wales
IBRA NSW North Coast
District Northern Tablelands
Local government area Tenterfield
Part of Clarence River catchment
 - left Carrolls Creek, Hells Hollow Creek, Cadiangullong Creek, Bookookoorara Creek
 - right Twomile Creek (NSW), Gilcurry Creek, Razor Back Creek
Source Great Dividing Range
 - location near Boonoo Boonoo and Mount Lindesay Highway
 - elevation 955 m (3,133 ft)
Mouth confluence with the Maryland River
 - location east of Rivertree
 - elevation 249 m (817 ft)
Length 44 km (27 mi)
National parks Bald Rock NP, Boonoo Boonoo NP
Waterfall Boonoo Boonoo Falls

Boonoo Boonoo River, a watercourse of the Clarence River catchment, is located in the Northern Tablelands district of New South Wales, Australia.

Course and features[edit]

Boonoo Boonoo River rises on the slopes of the Great Dividing Range, near Boonoo Boonoo and Mount Lindesay Highway, and flows generally northeast, joined by seven minor tributaries before reaching its confluence with the Maryland River, east of Rivertree. The river descends 706 metres (2,316 ft) over its 44 kilometres (27 mi) course;[2] and flows through the Bald Rock National Park and the Boonoo Boonoo National Park, descending through Boonoo Boonoo Falls in its upper reaches.

The name Boonoo Boonoo is derived from the Aboriginal phrase meaning "poor country with no animals to provide food".[1]

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Coordinates: 28°38′S 152°17′E / 28.633°S 152.283°E / -28.633; 152.283