Boonville (novel)

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First edition
Author Robert Mailer Anderson
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Creative Arts Book Company
Publication date
November 1, 2001
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 224 pages
ISBN 0-88739-479-5
OCLC 48686012
LC Class PS3601.N+ B+

Boonville is a novel by Robert Mailer Anderson. It was published by Creative Arts Book Company (in association with Zyzzyva magazine, as a "Zyzzyva First Novel") in 2001, then reprinted by HarperCollins in 2003.


The book tells the story of a man named John Gibson, as he breaks up with his girlfriend and leaves Miami, Florida to move to the small town of Boonville, California. The book portrays the town in a lightly comical manner, bringing to life a number of colorful Mendocino County stereotypes including hippies, rednecks, feminists, and commercial marijuana cultivation.

Author comments[edit]

Anderson states in the book's preface, "So, any of the local residents who can read, and do read this novel, and take offense at the descriptions or content, instead of sucker-punching me while I'm in town trying to buy groceries with my wife and son, let me just buy you a drink and we'll call it even. As for the hippies in the county who may be upset at the depiction of hippies, I say, 'Tough shit, hippie.'"


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