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Booster may refer to:

Amusement rides[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

  • Booster (electric power), a motor-generator set used for voltage regulation in direct current electrical power circuits
  • Booster dose, or booster shot, in medicine, a vaccination given after a previous vaccination
  • Booster pump, a type of compressor
  • Booster (rocketry), used in space flight to provide or augment the main thrust in the initial phase of the rocket's flight
  • Launch vehicle, a satellite-launching rocket, sometimes informally referred to as a booster
  • Booster engine, extra cylinders on a steam locomotive, driving the trailing truck or a tender truck, to give more power on starting
  • Explosive booster, a bridge between a low energy explosive and a low sensitivity explosive
  • A co-channel repeater in broadcasting, used to improve signal strength
  • Vacuum servo or brake booster, a component in car braking systems
  • Pegasus Booster, a powered hang glider

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