Booster (Fabbri ride)

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Not to be confused with Booster (HUSS ride) or Booster (KMG ride).
Hydro Max, a Fabbri Booster ride at Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes, UK

Booster is an amusement ride made by Fabbri.

It is a pendulum ride, similar to the later Speed by KMG (which, due to its similarity to the Fabbri ride, is often referred to as the KMG Booster).[citation needed].

There is another ride from the Italian company, Zamperla. Zamperla made a booster like ride called Turbo Force made in 2001.[citation needed]


On August 4, 2007, in the Fête des Loges at Saint Germain en Laye, France, a gondola broke loose from the swinging arm and crashed to the ground. Two people sitting in the gondola were killed and two seriously injured. A father and his son were killed instantly, while another two people were stuck 40 meters in the air for over 2 hours.[1][2]