Boothill Foot Tappers

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Boothill Foot Tappers
Genres English folk music, skiffle
Years active 1982–1985
Labels Go! Discs / Phonogram

The Boothill Foot Tappers were a British folk/skiffle/bluegrass band, that was formed in the early 1980s and associated with the folk music revival in the UK. They were featured in Ben Elton presented, London Weekend Television, show in 1984, as the head of a pack featuring The Pogues and The Shillelagh Sisters, of the then emerging British roots movement based in London.

On 28 January 2011, the band reunited, without the now deceased Kevin Walsh, for a performance at the London venue, the 100 Club.




  • "Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes" (1984)
  • "Jealousy" (1985)
  • "Too Much Time" (1985)
  • "Love and Affection" (1985)


Ain't That Far From Boothill (1985)

  1. "Love And Affection"
  2. "Jealousy"
  3. "Pride Takes A Fall"
  4. "Nothing Ventured"
  5. "Feelings"
  6. "Sunday Evening"
  7. "Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes"
  8. "Have You Got The Confidence For The Trick?"
  9. "Stand or Fall"
  10. "What's The Matter?"
  11. "There's No Way (I Can Leave You Alone)"
  12. "Too Much Time"