Bootleg (Bad News album)

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Bootleg (Bad News album).jpg
Live album by Bad News
Released 1988
Recorded Sarm Studios, London
Genre Heavy metal, parody music, comedy rock
Label EMI
Producer Adrian Edmondson
Bad News chronology
Bad News
(1987)Bad News1987
The Cash in Compilation
(1993)The Cash in Compilation1993

Bootleg is the second album release by UK parody heavy metal group Bad News. It is a comedy album, apparently a bootleg of outtakes from the sessions for the group's debut album Bad News. The first album features music and some arguing between the band members; this album is almost entirely arguing.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bad Dreams"
  2. "A.G.M."
  3. "Double Entendre"
  4. "Locked In"
  5. "AIDS"
  6. "O Levels"
  7. "Wedding"
  8. "Heavy Metal Farmer"
  9. "Making of Masturbike"
  10. "Cashing In on Christmas" (DUB)