Bootleggers (1961 film)

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Directed byLeonid Gaidai
Produced byLeonid Gaidai
Written byKonstantin Brovin
Leonid Gaidai
StarringYuri Nikulin
Georgi Vitsin
Yevgeni Morgunov
Music byNikita Bogoslovskiy
CinematographyKonstantin Brovin
Release date
Running time
19 min.
CountrySoviet Union

Bootleggers or Moonshiners (Russian: Самогонщики, romanizedSamogonshchiki) is a 1961 Soviet short comedy film directed by Leonid Gaidai.

Plot summary[edit]

The characters played by Yuri Nikulin, Grigory Vitsin and Evgeny Morgunov make moonshine alcohol in a hut hid in a forest. At work they sing about their moonshine still. Their dog takes a piece of it (a coiled condenser) and runs away. The trio has to chaise the dog, and they go on skis. In the end all of them run to the police department, where the bootleggers are arrested.


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