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Booty may refer to:

All you need to know about booty (buttocks)


What is 'eating the booty'?

People suggest that 'eating the booty' is a rather 'new' way of pleasuring a female Many male/females suggest that if not careful while eating the booty, you may get an unpleasant tate of the others feaces or poo. Please eat my booty.

Spanking the booty

Why do people spank?

Traditionly, spanking was something you done to a foul behaved child, but as time passed 'spanking became something rather different. Spanking is yet another way to show signs of lust to another. The hopeful man or women spanks or in this case slaps anothers booty to show 'I want you'.


Stanky booty

People with a stanky booty are told to wash. Most people suggest that washing the booty is a good way to avoid obtaining a stanky booty.





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