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BOP or Bop may refer to:

  • Bop, a smack, strike, or punch
  • Bop, (to bop or boppin') a style to dance solo to rockabilly or blues music, common since the 1950s
  • Bop, shortened form of Bebop, an early modern jazz developed in the 1940s
    • hard bop, a style of jazz music that is extension of bebop (or "bop") music
  • Bop, organised party or club night at many British universities
  • Bop, west coast U.S. slang for whore
  • Bop (magazine) an American magazine for teens
  • Bop (song), a single by Dan Seals, released in 1986
  • Bop, to drop to one's haunches or squat, as in 'bop down'.
  • Bop (glass), a standing glass.
  • Bop, a celestial body in Kerbal Space Program


In economics[edit]




  • BIOS operation (bop), used as noun and verb, a technique to transition from 16-bit virtual x86 mode to 32-bit protected mode utilized by Microsoft's NTDOS
  • BOP, binary protocol for a fast serialization of objects