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Developer(s)Sunnyside Soft[3]
Publisher(s)Sunnyside Soft (1982)
Sierra On-Line (1983)
Designer(s)Margaret Lowe
Rae Lynn McChesney[4][5]
Programmer(s)Al Lowe
Artist(s)Mike McChesney
Platform(s)Apple II
Release1982 (1982)[1][2]

Bop-A-Bet is a 1982 educational game developed and published by Sunnyside Soft for the Apple II. It was subsequently also published by Sierra On-Line. The game teaches letter recognition and alphabetization. The speed of the game increases as the user becomes more proficient.[6]


Bob Proctor reviewed four educational games for Computer Gaming World, and stated that "In terms of simplicity, three of these four games can be used by the age groups for which they were intended. Bop-A-Bet would also qualify except for those questions at the start which set up the game. However, you also have to ask yourself if your children (or students) can be entrusted with the only copy of a $30 to $40 disk."[7]


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