Boquerón, Cuba

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Mártiers de la Frontera
Boquerón waterfront
Boquerón waterfront
Map of Guantánamo Bay, showing the location of Boquerón
Map of Guantánamo Bay, showing the location of Boquerón
Boquerón, Cuba is located in Cuba
Boquerón, Cuba
Location of Boquerón in Cuba
Coordinates: 19°58′59.88″N 75°07′00.12″W / 19.9833000°N 75.1167000°W / 19.9833000; -75.1167000Coordinates: 19°58′59.88″N 75°07′00.12″W / 19.9833000°N 75.1167000°W / 19.9833000; -75.1167000
Country Cuba
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-21

Boquerón is a Cuban village and consejo popular ("people's council", i.e. hamlet) of the municipality of Caimanera, in the Province of Guantánamo. Located near Guantánamo Bay, it is also known as Mártires de la Frontera,[1] Spanish for "Martyrs of the Border".


The village was founded in 1903 and developed urbanistically since the 1970s.[2]


Boquerón, located in the eastern shore of the bay, is the nearest Cuban settlement to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. The North East Gate (19°58′26″N 75°05′13″W / 19.97382°N 75.08692°W / 19.97382; -75.08692), located 4 km from it, is the only US-Cuban border crossing point.[3][4][5] Due to its proximity to the US Base Boquerón is, along with Caimanera, a forbidden town needing a special permission from the government to visit it.[6]

Boquerón lies in front of 3 islets: Cayo Piedra, Cayo Ramón and Cayo Redondo. It is 12 km far from Caimanera and 28 from Guantánamo.


The village is the southern terminal of a minor railway line from Guantánamo and counts a little port. It is linked with the Carretera Central highway (11 km far) by a road named "Carretera a Boquerón". Nearest airport, the "Mariana Grajales" of Guantánamo, is located 28 km in the north.

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