Boquillas Port of Entry

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Boquillas Port of Entry
Boquillas crossing port of entry.jpg
CountryUnited States
LocationBig Bend National Park, Big Bend, Texas 79834
Coordinates29°11′24″N 102°56′48″W / 29.190093°N 102.946545°W / 29.190093; -102.946545
Hours9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Exit PortBoquillas del Carmen, Coahuila
2005 Cars0
2005 Trucks0

The Boquillas Port of Entry is a port of entry into the United States from the Mexican town of Boquillas del Carmen to Big Bend National Park. Having opened in April 2013, it is a port of entry that is unstaffed by Customs and Border Protection agents, but at least one National Park Service employee is present while the port of entry is open. Persons entering from Mexico must report to the video inspection kiosks. Crossing of the Rio Grande may be accomplished by foot, rowboat or burro.[1] Previously, the Boquillas Port of Entry had been an informal border crossing for several decades, but was closed in May 2002.[2] It is the only unstaffed legal border crossing on the US-Mexico border and one of only four that allow only pedestrian traffic.

The official crossing location looking into Mexico from the United States


The Boquillas crossing existed for decades as an informal and unenforced crossing point between Mexico and Texas, used by people from both countries.[3]


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