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The Bor massacre was a massacre of an estimated 2,000 civilians in Bor on November 15, 1991 during the Second Sudanese Civil War. The massacre[1] was carried out mostly by Nuer fighters from SPLA-Nasir, led by Riek Machar, and the militant group known as the Nuer White Army.[2] Amnesty International said at least 2,000 Dinka were killed, though the real number may have been higher.[3] In the years which followed, an estimated 25,000[4] more died from famine as their cattle were either stolen or shot and the fighting had displaced them from the land they had once cultivated.[5] At the time, Riek Machar described the incident as "propaganda" and "myth".[4] In 2012, he publicly apologized for his part in the massacre.[6][7][8]

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