Boračko jezero

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Boračko jezero
Boracko jezero.JPG
Boračko jezero at Borci
Boračko jezero
LocationBosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates43°33′09″N 18°01′52″E / 43.552429°N 18.031172°E / 43.552429; 18.031172Coordinates: 43°33′09″N 18°01′52″E / 43.552429°N 18.031172°E / 43.552429; 18.031172
Primary inflowsBorački potok
Primary outflowsŠištica River
(tributary of Neretva river)
Catchment area2.600 m2 (27.99 sq ft)
Basin countriesBosnia and Herzegovina
Max. length786 m (0.488 mi)
Max. width402 m (1,319 ft)
Surface area0.26 km2 (0.10 sq mi)
Average depth1 m (3.3 ft)
Max. depth17 m (56 ft)
Water volume2.500 m3 (88.3 cu ft)
Surface elevation397 m (1,302 ft)

Boračko jezero is glacial lake is situated in Konjic Municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1][2][3]

It lies at the northeastern foot of the mountain Prenj, at an altitude 397 m. From the west it is surrounded by steep forested mountain slopes of Crna Gora (Black Mountain, 1343 m), and from the east by Tranjine (1055 m). The lake basin was created in the Boračka draga, during the expansive process of glacial erosion.

Boračko jezero has an elliptical shape. Its length is 786 meters, and the maximum width is 402 meters. Its surface area is 0.26 square kilometers. Length of the lake shore is 2.4 km. The lake is the deepest in the southeastern narrow part of about 17 m, and contains about 2.5 mil.m³ water, which is due to the greenish color is transparent and up to 8.3 m. The water is warmest in August (about 25 °C), the coldest in February (0 °C).

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