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Boraxo is an American brand of powdered hand soap.

Boraxo brand powdered hand soap dispenser.

As its name implies, Boraxo is composed largely of borax,


Borax has also been scientifically called sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, and disodium tetraborate. Simply put, borax is a boron compound, mineral, and a salt of boric acid which most often comes in a powdered form. Consequently, Boraxo is powdered, white and somewhat grainy and will dissolve in water but only after a long period of exfoliating dirty hands. The powdered form of Borax has the ability to emulsify and trap dirt and oil.[1]


Boraxo began as a product of the former Pacific Coast Borax Company (later bought by U.S. Borax), and became known as one of the sponsoring products of the long-running radio and television Western, Death Valley Days. While future President Ronald Reagan was host of this program, he frequently did commercials for it, including one at his ranch involving his family.

Until about 2010, the product was sold in a cylindrical, foil lined, paper tube can having a rust-resistant bottom. The bottom had a white, paint-like coating. This worked well such that a container left on a counter that regularly got wet never rusted or left a ring. Prior to this packaging, during the 1960s, the product was packaged in a distinctively-shaped seamed steel can with upright vertical sides and an oval cross-section, with a small rotating non-removable steel cap centered on top which had a small offset oval hole facing upward, which allowed the product to be poured when the cap's hole was turned to align with a hole beneath it and the can was inverted and shaken. Besides the distinctive 20-mule team logo, the can bore a three-step instructional narrative which concluded with the words "Your hands are now smooth, soft, and beautifully [?] clean."


As of 2006, Boraxo is manufactured and marketed by the Dial Corporation, although Dial uses a new formula with larger grain size and added perfume. Dial was purchased by Henkel, a German company, in 2004.

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