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Marneuli municipality self-government buildingphoto by Zviad Avaliani
Marneuli municipality self-government building
photo by Zviad Avaliani
Flag of Marneuli  მარნეული
Official seal of Marneuli  მარნეული
Marneuli  მარნეული is located in Georgia (country)
Marneuli  მარნეული
Coordinates: 41°29′49″N 44°48′39″E / 41.49694°N 44.81083°E / 41.49694; 44.81083Coordinates: 41°29′49″N 44°48′39″E / 41.49694°N 44.81083°E / 41.49694; 44.81083
Country  Georgia (country)
Mkhare Kvemo Kartli
Municipality Marneuli
Elevation 420 m (1,380 ft)
Population (2014[1])
 • Total 20,211
Climate Cfa

Marneuli (Georgian: მარნეული [mɑrnɛuli]) is a small city in the Kvemo Kartli region of southern Georgia and administrative center of Marneuli District that borders neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia.


Imam-Ali Mosque in Marneuli, Georgia
photo by Zviad Avaliani

According to the 2014 Georgian census the population of the town was 20,211.[1] The town is predominantly populated by Georgian Azerbaijanis (83,1%).[citation needed]


Before 1947 the town was known as Borchali. Between 1947 and 1952 the town was known as Sarvan, a name still used in some contexts.[2] Marneuli settlement gained the official status of a 'town' (gorod) in 1964.

Today Marneuli is the site of a Georgian military air base. That base was bombed on August 8, 2008 during the Russo-Georgian War, reportedly leaving 4 dead (all ethnic Georgians)[3] and 5 wounded.[4]


There is one university branch (Tbilisi State University) and one university opened in 2008 (Heydar Aliyev Georgia-Azerbaijan Humanitarian University) in Marneuli.[5]

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