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Borchgrevinkisen Glacier
Antarctica, Norway territorial claim (Queen Maud Land, 2015).svg
Location of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica
Map showing the location of Borchgrevinkisen Glacier
Map showing the location of Borchgrevinkisen Glacier
Location of Borchgrevinkisen Glacier in Antarctica
LocationQueen Maud Land
Coordinates72°10′S 21°30′E / 72.167°S 21.500°E / -72.167; 21.500
Terminusnorthward to Taggen Nunatak
west end to Sør Rondane Mountains

Borchgrevinkisen (Coordinates: 72°10′S 21°30′E / 72.167°S 21.500°E / -72.167; 21.500) is a glacier flowing northward to the west of Taggen Nunatak, at the west end of the Sør Rondane Mountains. It was mapped by Norwegian cartographers in 1957 from air photos taken by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump, 1946–47, and named for Carsten E. Borchgrevink, Norwegian leader of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1898–1900.

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