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Bord Gáis Energy is a utility that supplies gas and electricity and boiler services to customers in the Republic of Ireland. Bord Gáis Energy has been in operation since 1976[1] and supply over 750,000 customers[2] with energy in Ireland. Since mid-2014 Bord Gáis Energy is also part of the global Centrica plc Group.[3] Bord Gáis Energy has offices in Dublin and Cork as well as having boiler service engineers nationwide.


BGE has a number of sponsorship programmes including the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre,[4] Bord Gáis Energy Book Club[5] and Irish Book Awards,[6] Bord Gáis Energy Student Theatre Awards[7] and the Bord Gáis Energy GAA U21 All Ireland U21 Hurling Championship.[8]


Bord Gáis Energy is predominantly a supply company, but also offer a range of gas boiler maintenance services to customers.[9]


Bord Gáis Energy is a private limited company that is part of the Centrica Plc Group. It is no longer associated in any way with Ervia or any of its subsidiaries (Irish Water or Gas Networks Ireland).


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