Borda (crater)

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Borda crater 4065 h1.jpg
Coordinates 25°06′S 46°36′E / 25.1°S 46.6°E / -25.1; 46.6Coordinates: 25°06′S 46°36′E / 25.1°S 46.6°E / -25.1; 46.6
Diameter 44 km
Depth 2.9 km
Colongitude 314° at sunrise
Eponym Jean C. Borda

Borda is a lunar impact crater that lies between Santbech to the north-northwest and Reichenbach slightly further away to the south-southeast. It has a low rim that is broken along the southeast by a smaller crater. The rim is intruded into by another small crater along the southwest side, and there is an irregular cleft along the northwest face. There is a central peak at the midpoint of the floor.