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Grand Prix Passing Shot
(1995 name)
Defunct tennis tournament
Event name Various
Tour Grand Prix circuit (1979–1989)
ATP Tour (1990–95)
Founded 1979
Abolished 1995
Editions 17
Location Bordeaux, France
Surface Clay

This is a defunct men's tennis tournament that was held annually under various names, The Bordeaux Open Grand Prix Passing Shot and was part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit tour from (1979-1989) it then became an ATP Tour event until 1995. The tournament was played on two different surfaces during its tenure: clay from 1979 through 1990 and hard from 1991 through 1995.

Guy Forget was the only man to win the tournament more than once, doing so in 1990 and 1991. Yannick Noah, the only other Frenchman to triumph in the singles event, won the inaugural event of 1979.



Year Tournament Name Champions Runners-up Score
1979 Grand Prix Passing Shot France Yannick Noah United States Harold Solomon 6–0, 6–7, 6–1, 1–6, 6–4
1980 Grand Prix de Passing Shot Bolivia Mario Martinez Italy Gianni Ocleppo 6–0, 7–5, 7–5
1981 Grand Prix Passing Shot Ecuador Andrés Gómez France Thierry Tulasne 7–6, 7–6, 6–1
1982 Grand Prix Passing Shot Chile Hans Gildemeister Peru Pablo Arraya 7–5, 6–1
1983 Grand Prix Passing Shot Peru Pablo Arraya Spain Juan Aguilera 7–5, 7–5
1984 Grand Prix Passing Shot Spain José Higueras Italy Francesco Cancellotti 7–6, 6–1
1985 Nabisco Grand Prix Passing Shot Uruguay Diego Pérez United States Jimmy Brown 6–4, 7–6
1986 Nabisco Grand Prix Passing Shot Italy Paolo Canè Sweden Kent Carlsson 6–4, 1–6, 7–5
1987 Nabisco Grand Prix Passing Shot Spain Emilio Sánchez Haiti Ronald Agénor 5–7, 6–4, 6–4
1988 NGP Passing Shot de Bordeaux Austria Thomas Muster Haiti Ronald Agénor 6–3, 6–3
1989 Grand Prix Passing Shot de Bordeaux Czechoslovakia Ivan Lendl Spain Emilio Sánchez 6–2, 6–2
1990 Grand Prix Passing Shot France Guy Forget Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Goran Ivanišević 6–4, 6–3
1991 Grand Prix Passing Shot France Guy Forget France Olivier Delaître 6–1, 6–3
1992 Grand Prix Passing Shot Ukraine Andrei Medvedev Spain Sergi Bruguera 6–3, 1–6, 6–2
1993 Grand Prix Passing Shot Bordeaux Spain Sergi Bruguera Italy Diego Nargiso 7–5, 6–2
1994 Grand Prix Passing Shot South Africa Wayne Ferreira United States Jeff Tarango 6–0, 7–5
1995 Grand Prix Passing Shot Bordeaux Senegal Yahiya Doumbia Switzerland Jakob Hlasek 6–4, 6–4


Year Champions Runners-up Score
1979 France Patrice Dominguez
France Denis Naegelen
France Bernard Fritz
Colombia Iván Molina
6–4, 6–4
1980 United Kingdom John Feaver
France Gilles Moretton
Italy Gianni Ocleppo
Ecuador Ricardo Ycaza
6–3, 6–2
1981 Ecuador Andrés Gómez
Chile Belus Prajoux
United States Jim Gurfein
Sweden Anders Järryd
7–5, 6–3
1982 Chile Hans Gildemeister
Ecuador Andrés Gómez
Sweden Anders Järryd
Sweden Hans Simonsson
6–4, 6–2
1983 Sweden Stefan Simonsson
Sweden Magnus Tideman
Argentina Francisco Yunis
Argentina Juan Carlos Yunis
6–4, 6–2
1984 Czech Republic Pavel Složil
United States Blaine Willenborg
France Loïc Courteau
France Guy Forget
6–1, 6–4
1985 United Kingdom David Felgate
United Kingdom Steve Shaw
Belgium Libor Pimek
United States Blaine Willenborg
6–4, 5–7, 6–4
1986 Spain Jordi Arrese
Spain David de Miguel-Lapiedra
Haiti Ronald Agénor
Iran Mansour Bahrami
7–5, 6–4
1987 Spain Sergio Casal
Spain Emilio Sánchez
Australia Darren Cahill
Australia Mark Woodforde
6–3, 6–3
1988 Sweden Joakim Nyström
Italy Claudio Panatta
Argentina Christian Miniussi
Italy Diego Nargiso
6–1, 6–4
1989 Spain Tomás Carbonell
Peru Carlos di Laura
Mexico Agustín Moreno
Peru Jaime Yzaga
6–4, 6–4
1990 Spain Tomás Carbonell
Belgium Libor Pimek
Iran Mansour Bahrami
France Yannick Noah
6–3, 6–7, 6–2
1991 France Arnaud Boetsch
France Guy Forget
Germany Patrik Kühnen
Germany Alexander Mronz
6–2, 6–2
1992 Spain Sergio Casal
Spain Emilio Sánchez
France Arnaud Boetsch
France Guy Forget
6–1, 6–4
1993 Argentina Pablo Albano
Argentina Javier Frana
South Africa David Adams
Russia Andrei Olhovskiy
7–6, 4–6, 6–3
1994 France Olivier Delaître
France Guy Forget
Italy Diego Nargiso
France Guillaume Raoux
6–2, 2–6, 7–5
1995 Croatia Sasa Hirszon
Croatia Goran Ivanišević
Sweden Henrik Holm
United Kingdom Danny Sapsford
6–3, 6–4

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