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Mid-Borden Peninsula. Erosion of Proterozoic redbeds throws iron stain into Mala River sediments.

The Borden Peninsula[1] is a peninsula on northern Baffin Island, in Nunavut, Canada. It lies south of Lancaster Sound. Northeastern Borden Peninsula is home to Sirmilik National Park.


Borden Peninsula extends north for 225 km (140 mi). It is 64 km (40 mi) - 169 km (105 mi) wide.[1]

The northern area, including the Hartz Mountains, are composed of flat, dissected rock rising to over 914 m (2,999 ft) above sea level. The Magda Plateau is to the south where river valleys occupy the land, dividing scarps and flat-topped hills. Admiralty Inlet forms a western border, while Navy Board Inlet forms a border to the east, separating the peninsula from Bylot Island. Navy Board Inlet's coastal cliffs rise to 457 m (1,499 ft).[1] [2]


The Inuit community of Arctic Bay is on the western coast.


The peninsula has seen mining activity for decades, especially for diamonds.[3]


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Coordinates: 72°59′59″N 083°00′00″W / 72.99972°N 83.00000°W / 72.99972; -83.00000 (Borden Peninsula)