Border Police (Bulgaria)

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The Main Directorate "Border Police" (Bulgarian: Главна дирекция „Гранична полиция”) is an agency of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior that is responsible for maintaining border controls at the points of entry and security along the land, sea and riverine borders.[1]. It is one of the Ministry's five operational services (along with the Main Directorate "National Police", Main Directorate "Combat against Organised Crime", Main Directorate "Fire Security and Civil Protection" and the Specialized Counter-Terrorism Force)[2]. The current director-general of the Border Police is Svetlan Kichikov.


MAIN DIRECTORATE "BORDER POLICE" (Главна дирекция "Гранична полиция") - the central management authority of the agency, including headquarters services and specialised services, such as intelligence and international coordination departments and training establishments.[3]


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