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The Borders Sevens Circuit is a series of rugby sevens tournaments held annually in the Scottish Borders. It is the oldest Sevens Circuit in the world,[citation needed] with most sevens dating from the 19th century.

Kings of the Sevens[edit]

The ten most prestigious of these tournaments make up a league competition known as the Kings of the Sevens.[1] Teams competing gain points depending on how far they progress in each tournament; the winner gains ten points, the runner up gets seven points, and semi-finalists receive five points. Teams that are eliminated at the quarter final stage gain three points.

The current champions are Jed-Forest RFC.


Traditional Sevens schedule was changed by the Scottish Rugby Union in order to allow more time for the regular rugby season. Controversially, due to the influence of former national coach Jim Telfer, Melrose RFC did not have to change its date. As of 2011, Sevens will take place on consecutive weekends in April and May.

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