Border Village

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Border Village
NullarborSouth Australia
Rooey II, Border Village, 2017 (03).jpg
Rooey II and the roadhouse, 2017
Border Village is located in South Australia
Border Village
Border Village
Coordinates31°38′28″S 129°00′01″E / 31.641082°S 129.000327°E / -31.641082; 129.000327Coordinates: 31°38′28″S 129°00′01″E / 31.641082°S 129.000327°E / -31.641082; 129.000327[1]
Time zoneCWST (UTC+8:45)
  • 1,255 km (780 mi) W of Adelaide
  • 1,126 km (700 mi) E of Perth
LGA(s)Outback Communities Authority[2]
State electorate(s)Flinders[3]
Federal Division(s)Grey[4]

Border Village is a settlement located in South Australia within the locality of Nullarbor on the Eyre Highway at the border with Western Australia.[6][5]

The settlement, which is 12 km east of Eucla[citation needed], was named in 1993 by the South Australian Geographical Names Advisory Committee following a suggestion provided by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.[6] The settlement is located about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of the cliff line separating the Nullarbor Plain from the Great Australian Bight.[7]

As of 2004, the settlement offered services to travellers and visitors to Nullarbor including:[5]

Motel, cabin and caravan accommodation, a restaurant which opens from 6.00:00 - 10.12:00, a takeaway service which is open from 6.00:00 - 11.12:00, full garage service and a desalination plant which provides fresh water.

There is a Western Australian agricultural checkpoint at Border Village, and also "Hole 6: Border Kangaroo" of the Nullarbor Links golf course.[8]

The settlement is one of five that uses the Central Western Standard Time (UTC+08:45).[citation needed] It is also the only place in South Australia where Daylight Saving Time is not in use.[citation needed]

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