Borderline Records

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Borderline Records
Parent companyAtlantic 1992–1995
Founded1989 (1989)
FounderBryant Clover
Distributor(s)Atlantic 1992–1995
GenreHip-Hop, R&B, southern rap
Country of originU.S.

Borderline Records was formed in 1989 by an underground artist named Bryant Clover. He was signed to Atlantic Records in 1992, but was released due to no improvement, he didn't release one album under them. He is now with Borderline. Artist that were featured on the Borderline roster where people like, Hood Mob, J&J, and others.


The label was founded in 1989 by Bryant Clover. He was on the Atlantic Records roster until he showed no progress in a single release, so he was released as an artist. He started back on his label, now known as, "Borderline". This is an underground label. Although throughout the years, the label has had over 60 artist signed to it. Although throughout 1992 to 1995 the label had distributing rights with Atlantic. Atlantic declared no more distribution as of 1996 due to poor record sales. In 1997 the label's biggest artist came, he was known as, Rodney, an r&b singer. He sold over 55,000 copies throughout Borderline. In 2002 the label also signed a hit artist, his name was Wallstreet, with selling over 40,000 copies for Borderline. In late 2003 the label was discontinued, due to going bankrupt. In the middle of 2005 the label was started again. Bryant Clover and Bird Williams received a loan and started it up again. The label has been working since then, and they have signed numerous artist. They have come up and got a new logo from the old one used since, all the way back in 1991. The label is celebrating selling over 400,000 copies total as a recording label, 170,000 of them since the label's new start in 2005. Top 3 selling artists are Wallstreet with 110,000, Rodney with 80,000 and Hood Mob with 65,000.


Rodney - Rodney Jenkins - Atlanta, Georgia
Birdie - Bird Williams - Decatur, Georgia
Blockhead - Jamal Burgess - Birmingham, Alabama
Peedy - Percy Jones - Durham, North Carolina
Motive - Brian Farret - Long Island, New York
Mercy - Marcey Levens - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Roger - Roger Burts - Jackson, Mississippi

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