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GenreCrime drama
Country of originNorway
Original language(s)Norwegian
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8 (list of episodes)
Original networkTV 2
Original releaseNovember 2, 2017 (2017-11-02)
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Borderliner (Norwegian: Grenseland) is a Norwegian noir crime drama series that involves an Oslo police detective who becomes involved in a suicide investigation while visiting his hometown. The series first aired on November 2, 2017 in Norway on TV 2 and was released to Netflix on March 6, 2018.[1] It has one season.


Nikolai Andreassen, a police detective from Oslo, is visiting his home town, near Tista river and Swedish border. He is drawn into the investigation of the suicide of a local man named Tommy Hagen; his co-investigator, Anniken Høygaard-Larsen, from the National Criminal Investigation Service, suspects foul play. Nikolai plants evidence in order to protect his younger brother, Lars, who appears to be implicated, but later discovers the truth behind Hagen's death.



No. in
1"Nikolai's Dilemma"
Tommy Hagen is found hanging. His death is initially thought to be suicide, but there is evidence that leads to an investigation by Oslo detective Nikolai and NCIS agent Anniken. They learn that Hagen left the bar the previous night with Ove Dreyer. Dreyer says that Hagen said he was later meeting Lars Andreassen (Nikolai's younger brother). Lars's daughter told Nikolai that her father came home late the night before. In confrontation, Lars says that he and Hagen fought (the latter was accused of pedophilia). Lars said that he had stabbed and choked Hagen, and was stabbed in turn. Nikolai lets him go free, and stands up Anniken on a date. Episode concludes with Lars making a mysterious phone call.
2"Lars' Deception"
Nikolai draws blood from Tommy's body in the morgue and plants it on a fence. Lab reports later confirm that Tommy's blood was found on the fence and points to suicide theory. Josef Koldberg (owner of the bar) wants to be nominated for Mayor position but is surprised when the committee nominates someone else. CCTV footage lays waste to the blood on fence evidence and Anniken re-opens the investigation. Nikolai's dad Hans (ex-cop) confirms that he was with Tommy's ex-wife on the night of murder. He also states that it was impossible for Tommy to have sex because of a medical condition and thus invalidates the pedophile accusation. Lars states that he and Bengt cooked up the pedophile angle because they had stumbled on a cocaine stash (from a car crash) and wanted to make money from it but Tommy asked for a cut. Nikolai, Lars and Bengt destroy evidence at the stash site. Lars takes Nikolai to the place where they had hid the drugs and discovers the place empty. Bengt is seen fleeing with the drugs. Anniken discovers CCTV evidence from morgue that shows a white coated person exiting the morgue.
3"Anniken's chase"
The person leaving the morgue was identified as Ove. He and Bengt flee to Sweden to sell the drugs. Meanwhile the owners of the drugs are scouting the town to trace it and contact Josef. An eyewitness confirms that Tommy went through the fence and the suicide theory is again considered. Anniken wants to search the river for a possible weapon that cut Tommy's face. The divers are called in. Nikolai and Lars scheme to remove the screwdriver before the divers start. Anniken finds that Ove had repeatedly called a number (Malin Ekblad) in Sweden. Nikolai and Lars decide to shift the kids to Hans' place. However Hans has had a breakup with Marta and is pissed drunk so they ask Josef to mind the kids for some time. Anniken goes to Sweden to trace Ekblad. Lars nearly drowns in his attempt to find the screwdriver and is rushed to the hospital by Nikolai. Nikolai presumably dives alone. Anniken tells Nikolai that she has found Ove.
4"Ove's Evidence"
Swedish police want an arrest warrant to book Ove. Malin was Ove's girlfriend. Anniken tracked her down to find Ove staying there. Nikolai and Lars think that the game is up and prepare to concede. Ove dodges Anniken and turns up for work. Nikolai and Bengt take him to the station for questioning. On the way Bengt loses control and fatally shoots Ove. Bengt creates a story that Ove pulled a gun and he had to shoot him. Anniken takes over the case as Nikolai has to appear before internal affairs. Nikolai asks for a lawyer for his defense but the lawyer turns out to be Nikolai's lover (Nikolai is gay). Divers do not find the screwdriver. Internal Affairs choose not to proceed against Bengt and Nikolai. Anniken links Ove to drugs.
5"Bengt's Fate"
Bengt owes money to Josef and offers his motorcycle and drugs as payment. Ove's girlfriend tells Nikolai that Ove and Tommy plan to sell drugs and Ove told her that Bengt was also involved. The drug gangsters threaten Josef. Nikolai guides Anniken to the drug car crash site. Nikolai is worried that Bengt may kill Malin. Anniken suspects an inside job and takes DNA from all cops. The drug car is recovered and more drugs are found in it. Nikolai plants Bengt's gloves in the drug car evidence and blackmails him. Bengt in turn plants the screwdriver (which he had). Josef tells the drug lords about Bengt. The lab identifies DNA from Lars and Tommy on the screwdriver. Nikolai intercepts Bengt before he arrives at the drug rendezvous. The drug lords attack Bengt and Nikolai.
6"Milla's Future"
Lars is arrested based on DNA evidence. Gangsters torture Bengt. Nikolai manages to call for help. Gangsters flee but Bengt shoots himself in the head. Lars confesses to Anniken but implicates Bengt as the killer and his role as just asking for a cut of drug money. He hopes to get off in a years time. Annekin and Nikolai return to their respective stations. Nikolai takes the kids with him to Oslo. Nikolai turns to his earlier case involving Lingberg and Eva. Internal affairs feel Nikolai cannot be a witness since the defense will tear him apart on the recent happenings. Nikolai comes clean to his lover who gets angry because the criminal will now walk. Nikolai finds new evidence from a mobile recovered from the drug car. He rushes to Anniken's place but is surprised to see Lindberg there.
7"Josef's Chance"
Lindberg has a deal with Eva who in turn ropes Josef in. Nikolai is able to understand the code and warns of an impending drug shipment. Nikolai also gets tipped that Eva came to Josef's house and Josef was in Sweden and was using a van. Nikolai intercepts Eva but is denied permission to arrest her for want of evidence. Josef takes the van into the garage for drug loading. The drug gangsters are tipped off and Josef's car is empty when intercepted. Meanwhile Nikolai's dad has taken the role of temporary sheriff (since he was one before retiring). Lindberg and the Drug gangsters begin to view Nikolai as a threat. Nikolai's relationship with a victim's sister is blown. Nikolai asks Anniken for help in tracing a number but she declines. Josef finds Bengt's drug stash in the motorcycle rear tire. Nikolai dials the mystery number only to find it ring inside his dad's shirt.
8"Olav's Secret"
Hans claims that Lindberg and him were undercover to catch Eva. Anniken reaches the drug gangsters garage to find it empty. Eva and her goons reach Josef and collect the drug stash from him. Pressure is plied on Nikolai to back off from Lindberg, Eva and Josef. Eva calls Nikolai and asks to meet. A mysterious envelope to Lindberg contains the incriminating tape of Nikolai. Meanwhile it appears that Eva has handed over a gun with Lindberg's prints to Nikolai. Josef gets arrested in a drug bust and the secrets are finally revealed.


Erik Adams of the AV Club considers it a top pick.[2] Meghan O'Keefe of Decider called the series "as dark and atmospheric as Scandi-noir comes, but it’s also elegantly beautiful and extremely tense".[3]


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